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Best 95+ Master Icons

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Finally saved up enough to convert one of the Silver Master Icons to Gold Master Icons. Anybody played with any of these 95+ Master Icons and have any recommendations?

Mats Sundin
Jari Kurri
Howie Morenz
Peter Forsberg
Anyone else?


  • monz
    952 posts Member
    I'd go Sundin, size is king in this game!
  • Sundin is great, I have him and he is performing well. Forsberg is probably not bad either, he is pretty big and his silver card was good already. There’s a bunch of the gold cards that are good though, it just depends on which players you like and need. Roenick, Lemieux, Selanne are all good too. It just depends on if you need a Center or a Winger. ..
  • I rolled Morenz & Lidstrom and feeling strong.

    I needed a SNP with SP synergy on the LW and Morenz fits perfect. I have M & 1T on he's dynamite on the deflection. He could have better durability but the dude is 117 ;-)

    Lidstrom is solid 90+ everywhere I want. I think he should have 99 Endurance (he did log the most minutes in several seasons) but with SP on he goes to 99 Durability. He's one of my favorites and I was going to add him regardless the cost but the impact his upgrade had was immediate.

    I'm still looking to roll Yzerman, Clarke and Roy and hope to add Chelios with the Milestone reward. After the prices come down a bit I'd like to try to buy some others in the House.
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