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Lag in online versus

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I play every day/night even though it's very rare that I have a good experience instead of the usual sluggish gameplay online.

What I'd like to know is why it's only every once in a while that the game is very responsive and fast and I feel like I have control over my players. Easter morning was the most recent example and my guess is that a lot of families were doing Easter things at that time which lightened the load on the servers. But nobody on EA's end will own up to online gameplay being a server issue, will they? They're more likely to give the same tired pre-loaded response of diagnosing the internet connection on the player's end.

I live just on the outside of Detroit and my setup is robust for online gaming. At least it is for all other games besides NHL.

The lag online is so bad most of the time that the game is nearly unplayable. Most people would stop playing, but like I said, I've played at times where it's golden and it's so much fun so I keep soldiering on past the times when Radko Gudas closes on my fully-rested-and-hustling Taylor Hall on a breakaway, the times when my dekes are so far behind in lag that left is right and right is left, and the times when "waiting for the other player" is displayed on the screen as often as the scoreboard is.

I know EA has added servers fairly recently but please tell me there are more on the way. I like the game quite a bit even with all its faults but there needs to be tremendous improvement to the infrastructure of the network. Like by today.


  • Online versus is P2P (peer-to-peer). One of the two players hosts the game. That's why you see lots of variation in how smooth it is. HUT is more consistent because EA changed it from P2P to (I think) the same servers as EASHL.
  • Janikka wrote: »
    Online versus is P2P (peer-to-peer). One of the two players hosts the game. That's why you see lots of variation in how smooth it is. HUT is more consistent because EA changed it from P2P to (I think) the same servers as EASHL.

    Janikka is right about most of this. The lag isn't any better on servers though. You still have games that are crisp (rare) but most of them have that delay/lag that everybody is talking about. I have played on 60/4, 100/10, and currently 400/20 connections, and every one has felt exactly the same for me with this game series. I have tried a number of modem/router combinations along with different firmwares and settings and there isn't really anything on my end I haven't done to try to resolve the issue. It's just the game itself causing the problems.
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    We'll pass along your concerns, always rough to hear when someone is constantly lagging online. You mentioned you've gone through the whole song and dance of troubleshooting. If you haven't done a UO Trace yet, that's something I fully encourage doing just to double-check to see how your connection is reaching our servers. It highlights the path you take so it might not be an issue from your end at all, but rather ISP side which they have to correct. For example, there were some storms hitting the Midwest and East Coast lately which could have potentially damaged server locations along the way, so it could be an issue that needs to be raised to ISP if the connection is heading to one of those sites along the way.

    A UO Trace can be downloaded from a PC/laptop for free from our Help site: https://help.ea.com/en-us/help/faq/connection-troubleshooting-basic/

    There's been a significant surge of online gaming since the lockdowns started. Verizon reported a 70%+ increase in online gaming usage during peak hours and even Microsoft/Sony have stated they're working to accommodate the recent surge too. With more players online this definitely helps make a better argument to add more servers if this looks to be a trend going forward, but officially I don't have any announcements to share on upcoming server additions. The team is absolutely monitoring this though. You're probably right about Easter Sunday though with more people spending time with families.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    On a side note we are currently aware of connectivity issues affecting EA games and are looking into it! I recommend following EA Help on Twitter for status updates on this.

  • 32Doak
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    Thanks for the reply Blueberry. I'll run that UO Trace on my PC later on.

    I bought NHL 20 about two months ago, before the lockdowns, and in ~700 games of online versus less than 70 of them had a good feel to them with responsive controls. It's irritating when you're losing to a bad player because your skaters can hardly move. I'm okay with losing but only if it's my own skill that determines it.

    Another thing that blows is that every time I play it takes me maybe 10 minutes to edit my lines/strategies for versus so each time I play or lose connection or want to test a different DNS or whatever it's a pain to have to redo over and over. There should be a way to save your lineups/strategies for versus.
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