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xbox one S will not update , still at factory 1.0 ! HELP! ?

XBOX ONE S , NHL 20 is still set at the factory 1.0 game play , with no other option.
The rosters updates are operational, just not the game play updates.

Hard reset the box multiple times and have even created a 2nd account with no luck.
What am I doing wrong with auto update already set ? Main box update is at most recent Feb 20.

I appreciate anyone's insight.


  • Socair
    2649 posts Game Changer
    Have you tried uninstalling and redownloading the game?
  • No , I just started the finals in my franchise,I will attempt when I finish. I thought by adding a separate account , and the add game new as I did it would. It did offer a game update but only the original OE 1.0.
  • I uninstalled the game and then re-downloaded. I then waited for an overnight update opportunity. Checked the game and the game play option is 1.0 or latest. Not sure what else I can do I my end but I am open for suggestions prior to starting my next Franchise season.

    Thanks for any insight
  • Socair
    2649 posts Game Changer
    Ok, well latest would be what you want I’d assume, but those two are all that are listed on either console. Those are tuners, btw, not title updates/patches, of which there has been more.
  • so where does one download a patch to an xbox s console then. training required obviously.
  • Socair
    2649 posts Game Changer
    Patches will install automatically. Games in general will not play until latest update is installed.
  • Socair, I appreciate your insight.
  • Socair
    2649 posts Game Changer
    Happy to help. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any other questions or issues.
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