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How to get different players on your PP and PK?

I have an XBOX. A few weeks ago I managed (by accident) to somehow get a C to play only on my PK, without him also being on my PP.
This can be advantageous having differing players on your PP that aren’t also on your PK lines because it can save their stamina.

The problem is, now I have no idea how to do this in the Edit Lines menu. Does anyone know how to do this? From what I see during line editing, whenever you have a guy on the PP he’s also automatically put on your PK too (which I’m trying to avoid).



  • When first populating your roster the game will automatically assign players to your special teams/lines (3 on 3, shootout, etc). You can edit this by scrolling through the lines with RB/LB, and selecting the player you'd like to reassign with X (I believe, corresponds to the square button on PS4). This will then alter the RB/LB options to just the main offense and defense pages (as well as a third option being the special teams page you selected). Scroll to the main page (offense for a C as example) and again select the new player you want to assign to the initial slot and again hit X.

    Hopefully this is what you were asking about and is helpful, unless I completely misinterpreted what you wrote.
  • y0uthX
    54 posts Member
    I now know how to do this. Thanks so much
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