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Let's Talk HUT: Who are your most underrated cards?

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I’ve only been playing HUT for 2 months so I still don’t know how many 93+ cards play. So I was curious, who are some of your most understand cards that play better than their stats/attributes?

1) fastest FWD?
2) fastest D?
3) most accurate/hardest shot FWD?
4) most accurate/hardest shot D?

And try to keep this only applicable to cards under 93 overall rating

Here are some of mine:
1) 90 guy lafleur
2) 89 tornberg
3) 93 svechnikov
4) 90 weber (AMAZING CARD)

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  • I'll have to think back lol. I haven't seen a 93 or under in my lineup since I turned my msp gonchar into a 99 Zetterberg, and put my 93 Chara back into the lineup.

    1)93 totw mcdavid when I had him
    2)my 88 leaders Pietrangelo was a speed demon
    3)my heavy hitters Alex Ovechkin, think he was an 89
    4)my all star game Shea weber. Can't remember if he was 90 or 91.
  • The 89 Icon Pivonka has been a great C for me and I'm not planning on moving him until I cash in for the 99 Playoff freebie.

    I skate a tough lineup and I'm also keeping my 90 HH McCarty, I'm out of collectables to roll him anyway. Nice play in front and rules the rebounds. Good on D and I see he gets the call to fill in a lot when others get hurt or in the box.

    I pulled that TOW 93 Svechnikov in Squad rewards a couple weeks back and it started slow but can't miss now.

    All Star Seth Jones was a good blueliner for me but I sold him a week or so ago for 91 Winternational Sergachev.

    TOS Wyatte Wylie is still at 93 but will upgrade. Smooth skates and big hitter. Nice from the point for deflections in front.
  • smokin666
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    92 PT Oscar Klefbom is awesome.
    He’s my lowest rated D man in my lineup. The rest are all 97 and 96. I just pulled two unreadable D men and they are 94, but I don’t have the heart of taking him out of my lineup. He’s a beast.
    I bleed hockey!!!!!!!!!!
  • BodyBags0000
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    This is easy

    A 90ovr Nations of hockey C Andrei Mikhonov. Dude is 2 meters tall and takes faceoffs with a 99 rating. Probably gonna stay as my 4th line center and a penalty killer for a while.

    A 91ovr icons RD Stephane Quintal. Better skater than the 94 skating in front pf the card would suggest and awesome defensive stats. 97 d awareness, 96 hitting, 95 stick checking, 96 shot blocking. Probably won’t get rid of him any time soon either.

    Honorable mention goes to 87 primetime Tyler Bertuzzi I had for a long time. Stats aren’t that great but worked for me and scored a lot of goals in front of the net with him.
  • y0uthX
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    Great suggestions
    I’ve heard good things about pivonka
    I also want to check out Wylie as I’m now addicted to finding good d to d 1-timers

    I have mikhnov too and he’s pretty impressive. Though I’m not sure he should have 99 faceoffs
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Great topic. Going to throw this at the top of the HUT board for a bit so others can check it out.
  • I had the 91 Flashback Ryan O'Reilly for awhile, he was amazing on the PK and at faceoffs, and was a better scorer than I expected.

    The 90 Playoff Predicter Debrincat had an amazing wrist shot, but he's small so he could be knocked around easily.

    On defense, I had the 92 PT Chabot for awhile, he was very solid on defense and had a better than expected slapper from the point.
  • y0uthX
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    That’s good to know. I‘m currently looking for d-man that have a better slapshot then what their stats might say
  • 91 Flashback Ryan O’Reily, 88 all-star Eichel, 90 playoff predictor Jeff Skinner, 90 all-star Jacob Slavin, 90 Winternational Ekblad and 87 Champions Haydn Fleury were all huge surprises for me. So far I’m a little disappointed in 94 Champions Glenn Anderson.
  • y0uthX
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    Yeah Fleury wasn’t bad either.
    But so far hands down I haven’t been able to find a better value than Shea Weber 90 all-star
  • 91 Bernie Federko. The guy just has a sense to get in the right place and score. His plus minus is about 85% of games played, which is really good.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Mixing it up this week with HUT and like where this conversation is going. Threw this up to the topic of the boards for this week's discussion. Thanks again for the post!

    For anyone that missed last week's discussion on manual goalie control, it can be found here if you wanted to give it a read.
  • y0uthX
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    On a similar note, this might fall
    Into the category of underwhelming cards but has anyone tried the 92 Olausson - D card? He has sick slapshot stats but I haven’t been able to get him to consistently pull off 1Ts
    Anyone else try him?

    I’m also curious how the new Iafrate card plays wrt 1Ts
    Anyone try him?
  • 91 Al MacInnis RD scores a lot for me from the point from the face off.
    91 Jakub Verana LW Sniper is great too
    The rest of my team are a lot higher but I still have them
    90 Team of the week LW Sniper Panarin and 91 LW Sniper Alexis Lafreniere were both productive
    while I had them.

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