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Stanley Cup Playoffs now in HUT

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The Stanley Cup Playoffs have arrived to HUT!

All New Items based on Classic Round 1 Playoff moments are available now in NHL 20.



  • It was nice to see that playing the Weekday challenges will finally earn a player item. It has been a long time coming this season and really needs to be part of every event.

    I'm disapointed that there are upgrade sets for Weber and Ryan but not for Jones and Sergachev. We really should be able to upgrade every player item when a higher one comes out but definitely when Event Items are released. It also shouldn't be exclusive to the highest rated or most recent item either. If you continue to require the highest or most recent release for upgrade then fix the packs and nerf previous released items!

    It would also be nice to know what we are celebrating from history of round 1 series and why Andy Moog is there and not CuJo, who won that '97 series and had 2 shutouts.
  • EA_Blueberry
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  • That Zetterberg loaner card has been amazing but I'm insulted at the durability rating for both it and the Franzen card. One shot to the skate and they're out.

    Kopitar was the other loaner I tried and that lumbered a bit but solid as a rock. Both are great on the dot so I'm not sure which one I'd pick at the moment.

    I can't wait to see the other 4 Masters...
  • Stp are the players for today may22
  • I was imagining what the next four would be. Never thought of Kessel and Keith. I really thought we’d see 99 versions of Patrick Kane and Evgeni Malkin for those respected teams. Some Stanley Cup winners I’d really like to see are cards for Orr, Bossy, Brodeur, Hasek, or Scott Stevens. The card I’d like to see that didn’t win a cup is Eric Lindros.
  • I tried Zetterberg and Duncan on the loaners they were just ok for me. Bourque loaner was amazing I used all my gold cards to get him on my team permanently and he hasn't disappointed.
    On another subject I needed another Heavy Hitter to get my synergy and finally got 96 Dahlin at a good price but he didn't do anything, got rid of him after a week of nothing.
  • It is mighty nice to see the current pace of the daily challenges and I'm going to assume the final 2 99s will drop this Friday.

    I'd think the 90s Devils would be represented but how do you leave out the 80s Islanders or Oilers...or 70s Habs or Bullies...tough choices!

    The Bruins might be the best bet for one of the 2.
  • I’m guessing and expecting something like a 99 Ryan O’Reilly representing St. Louis and a 99 Brad Marchand representing Boston. Binnington and Chara would be my second guesses. BUT by all means EA, PLEASE surprise me with an Orr or Brodeur.
  • MFin04
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    Is the 99 Free Player set going to be able to be completed on Friday?
  • EA_Aljo
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    MFin04 wrote: »
    Is the 99 Free Player set going to be able to be completed on Friday?

    Friday's challenge will get you the final collectible needed so I would assume you'll be able to complete it later today.
  • Has anybody rolled all the collectibles? Who are the final two 99 overall card offerings????
  • peterchen86
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    Has anybody completed all collectibles? Who are two final cards?
  • My guess is if you roll now you'll only get a choice of 6.

    I'm waiting for all to drop before I roll the set.
  • It’s JS Giguère of the Ducks and Alex Pietrangelo of the Blues. You get option of all 8.
  • Nice! Thanks.
  • j0rtsu67
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    I picked up Kopitar and I was able to make all team Synergies.

    Maybe just a coincidence, but my team played worse than ever... :D:D:D
  • I found the Kopitar loaner card to lumber and not able to make quick plays or moves. I don't think I converted any one-timers with it but it was great in the D-zone and on the dot.

    Pietrangelo would be a perfect fit position wise but I want to test the loaner 1st.

    I have the Keith Duo to upgrade but going to be short on collectables. Not sure if I should try to sell it the next couple days or hope it falls to Sun Sets like Kopitar and Bourque did. Zetterberg isn't there so I don't know if Duncan will be.
  • Squads reward winner, winner chicken dinner.

  • are they going to release sun sets for the rest of the 99 ovr cards like they did for bourque and kopitar?
  • Just got the 31st Stanley Cup collectible about an hour ago, but by the time I went to exchange them the sets were gone from HUT. Nothing in Sun Sets at this point. EA, was it really necessary to remove all of the sets at the exact second the challenge was over? If we already earned the collectibles needed to finish the set, we should still be able to complete them, especially since the collectibles aren't tradeable. I feel like I just wasted a lot of time doing all the work for nothing.
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