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Road to 99.... 14 Hits

14 Hits in a 1 Minute Period Game against the Avalanche...

LOL, any Ideas or Strategies to solve? Overtime is useful..


  • It is not the easiest of the challenges, but it is doable. You just have to hit all the times. As soon as you get the puck, you skate to the red line and dump the puck, then you take control of the first player to get at the other end of the ice and hit the player that receive the puck. Even if they pass just before you hit them, finish the hit. Even if it means that you will get a penalty. Don’t try to win any faceoff, just try to hit everyone who gets the puck. If you don’t score and don’t get scored on, you will have OT to complete it if you haven’t already.
  • smokin666
    617 posts Member
    Since it does not matter if you win or lose this challenge, take penalties, dump the puck into your opponents zone and then hit everyone on the way.
    Since you’re shorthanded AI put your team in advantage. I finished with 24 hits lol.
    I bleed hockey!!!!!!!!!!
  • I change my lineups to match the challenge objectives.

    I have a PFW or big TWF on everyline as it is but I failed with 12 hits twice. Took out all SNP & PLYs and replaced with PFW or TWF and completed it the next game.

    I don't favor going on the PK, I think it is harder to get a line on a player.

    I like to be in the O-zone and drop the puck in the corner or behind the net and let them pick it up so I can line 'em up.
  • MFin04
    94 posts Member
    Yeh, it really isn't hard if you completely ignore playing hockey. Just dump the puck behind your opponents net and keep checking. Also, avoid picking up the puck. Let the CPU get the puck all the time and then keep hitting them. You also can avoid scoring, and go to OT if you need the extra time.
  • Nitro_Tech43
    10 posts New member
    Good advice. I think there may be a glitch . The pro level looks like all star mode. My players are behaving different. I have Barneby in line up too and he refuses to hit. Some of my hits are not registering aswell. Key probably is getting to overtime. What players are you guys using? I have quite a few bruisers in my line up. With high body check rating. Still issues.
  • speed4rabbit
    48 posts Member
    edited May 2020
    So, after playing 8 or 9 games of Antihockey i succeeded with 17 Hits.
    Need Overtime to have that number and substituted all Snipers with PFW or TWF.

    Need also 3 Games to have that Win by 2 Goals on ALL-Star.
    I have now 30 of the 31 Collectibles , hopefully the last one is not impossible to solve.

  • XTC884
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    Hi, Who knows when will be the last one №31? Tomorrow or on monday?
  • smokin666
    617 posts Member
    Logically speaking should be today (Friday).
    But gotta wait and see what EA does.
    I bleed hockey!!!!!!!!!!
  • tyyppi11
    39 posts Member
    There has been 6 master items released so far and the reward is to choose from 8 so if you complete the set will there be 8 players to choose from? Or do we have to wait another week to the last two to release?
  • xPDogg65x
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    edited May 2020
    Eight, the other two are Gigure from the ducks and Pietrangelo from the Blues
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  • xPDogg65x wrote: »
    Eight, the other two are Gigure from the ducks and Pietrangelo from the Blues

    100% sure?
    I heard Johnny Quick and Giguere!
  • MFin04
    94 posts Member
  • Somebody who would like to help me with this challenge, i lost my nerves :D
  • EA_Aljo
    2884 posts EA Community Manager
    Somebody who would like to help me with this challenge, i lost my nerves :D

    I complete these challenges by dumping the puck, letting the other team get possession and then just try to hit them as much as possible. It might even help to take a penalty so you can dump it from anywhere.
  • Somebody who would like to help me with this challenge, i lost my nerves :D

    Make a line up with your biggest and heaviest hitters. As soon as you get the puck, skate it to center ice and dump it. As the ai go to retrieve the puck, you should have someone charging them hopefully hitting them into the boards or hard enough to knock them down. You don't have to win the game, just get the hits. You basically want to just go for hits. I find if the ai get the puck, they'll back skate it and kill time, which is why I try to keep it in their zone.

    If you need more than 3 periods, try to force overtime.
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