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June collectible on May 30th

Please do not tell me that EA doesn't know how many days are in May. I need the two collectibles for today to complete the set for an Icon collectible, but looks like it isn't going to happen because somebody doesn't know how calendars work.


  • xPDogg65x
    829 posts Member
    I haven’t played yet today so don’t know if your talking about the daily one you can get or the one for the weekly challenges? If it’s the weekly one? I would guess that it is because some don’t finish the challenge till it is June. You should still get April collectables in today and tomorrows daily challenges.
  • It may have been for the weekly challenge. Still, I don't remember that ever happening before for a weekly challenge. As long as I get two more May collectibles, I'm good.

  • I got a June one finishing the weekly then an April for finishing The daily.
  • MikeyAU630
    295 posts Member
    edited May 2020
    Weekly objectives that wrap months have always given a collectable for the new month.
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