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Comparing HUT to FUT

I would like to start off by saying that I know that the NHL community is much smaller than the fifa community.

Draft Champions
why is it that in Fifa you have to pay 15k coins and you get to draft your entire team and play for pretty good rewards making it much more competitive. meanwhile, in NHL we have a draft 2 1/2 lines and you aren't even given very good selections for most of it. Then if you grind it out and get the 4 wins you get a premium pack?! That needs to change

Weekend League
HUT champ's rewards could easily be better. In fifa you are given a task to reach a certain amount of wins to earn specific rewards. basically guaranteeing you an untradable totw player plus packs and coins on top of it. you need to do very well to even be guaranteed the player for that weekend but you aren't promised anything in the packs.

What they should bring into HUT
Most fifa players can probably agree that doing the squad builder challenges are the best part of the ultimate team. I don't see any reason why they can't bring this to NHL. but instead of chemistry, you'll have to complete the synergy requirements. Then you'll be rewarded with packs and the master player item. This is a fresh and creative way to change up the grind for gold collectables to get the players. So instead of trading in those low rated gold players, you can use them for a squad battle.

Better Auction House
Every one of my friends that comes over to NHL to causally play HUT all say that the auction house is garbage and I agree. We need to be able to see the last price sold on a player to know how much the player is gonna go for. We also need to be able to search players up by name, every other game has it why can't we?

I don't think anything I have mentioned above is to crazy to ask for, again I do understand that out of all the major sports game we probably have the smallest community but that is no reason to strip our ultimate team down and deprive us of basic features that every other game has.

I hope a dev sees this post and can respond to me to let me know if any of this is possible for NHL 21. Please, anyone, let me know what you think and if there is anything I missed


  • All great ideas, in my opinion.
  • y0uthX
    54 posts Member
    Yep - all great ideas for sure. But you answered your own question. This game is not a cash cow and will only see minimal effort wrt dev/qa resources applied to each nhl release.

    I’ve been a software tester for 20 years and understand the push/pull for new features, changes etc...

    BUT it’s insightful messages like this that hopefully inspires someone at EA to implement some of these trivial yet important quality of life features in the next release.
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