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Over priced HUT packs

Why does it cost 2500 hut$ (30$) for a icon pack that's untradeable? 😂 all packs are so overpriced and 99% of the time you get nothing. Why cant we just buy players we want or if your going to pay that much money for a pack of players you dont want why cant they be tradeable???? HUT is such a rip off


  • boumbidiboum
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    edited June 2020
    It is like lottery tickets, it depends on the odds and prices. Some packs have better odds of pulling something big, so they cost more. It is a matter of luck though.

    Packs that are untradeable, they are that way because they usually guarantee you to get at least a card that is worth the amount of coins that you put in or discounted packs with greater odds.

    You can buy cards and never open packs (beside your rewards). A lot of people don’t spend money on the game. You just need to check the AH and snag the cards that you want when they are affordable. Opening packs with cash is just for fun and if you’re lucky, you can pull great cards that you would probably have never been able to buy otherwise. One thing that could probably change but it would affect the prices of the cards, would be to remove points and instead give coins when you put money in game. When you do that though, it really gives an advantage to people with more money. There’s already an advantage if you can afford spending more money in the game, but it is less flagrant than if you got coins directly from cash. You need to at least sell all the cards that you get from packs before you get the coins to buy the cards that you want as it is right now. It slows down the process and give others a chance to keep up a little bit.

    HUT and every other ultimate teams modes are that way though, if you have more money, you have an advantage on others.

    The prices of the packs vs the cards that you get are not much different from other sports titles similar modes. Games with cheaper cards are usually that way because they have larger players bases. The other times, it is just because the game doesn’t work exactly the same, the amount of cards needed and overall systems are not the same. At the ends, you end up spending almost the same amount to get an equivalent team and people with more cash get an advantage.

    If your point was just that it is too pricy, it is fine. That’s on EAs end, they choose what the cards are worth.
  • lucidlemire
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    I don't know what 30$ lottery tickets you buy. But probably have the same odds of hitting the jackpot.
    Yeah the point is that they are so overpriced. 30$ for one icon collectable and you need at least 12 to upgrade 1 player. And most other packs are just as expensive with nothing in them. I get that it is a lottery with odds but it would take a 1000$ to get those odds in your favor. The damn game cost 70$ so the good packs are almost half the price of the game
  • Well just don’t buy them
  • Its was meant to build support to get EA to fix the system but your on here blinded arguing for EA that's why they get away with it.
  • Its was meant to build support to get EA to fix the system but your on here blinded arguing for EA that's why they get away with it.
    I’m not arguing for anybody, if you think the packs are too expensive, then just don’t buy them. If enough people think the same as you and also stop buying packs then maybe EA might bring the price down, I doubt they will though because obviously people do buy them.
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