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Stanley Cup Playoffs event choices

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So, when you pick a player, would it be safer to pick a person in the round robin rather than one of the qualifying teams?
Say, you already know that Colorado won a game, so that player is getting a 2 point bump, because they are in the round robin. But say you pick the player from Carolina, because they have already won 2 games of the qualifer, but they lose every game in the next round, and, instead of having a player with at least 94 points, you've got a 88 player because qualifer games don't get any points.
Am I wrong?
And, this assumes that Carolina wins a third game that advances them to the next round.
With some of the games already have been played, if the round robin teams are getting points right now, you can select a team that has won a couple of games already. They could then lose 3 straight, but, you at least got a 92 player. A lot of people might find a 92 player useless because they are already stacked, but, I was just wondering if I understand the situation correctly, or, did I mix up my card pack event?
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