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why even bother anymore

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decided to play HUT again because i was bored and remebered having fun when i was younger, so i open up my starter pack and get into a game. first damn game i get the guy has like every player 90 overall meanwhile my guys are moving at half speed and cant hit the net. why is it so hard to have a match making system that gives u a matchup based on skill and roster rating. and on top i got two injuries during that game because thats what i want, to make my [profanity removed] team even [profanity removed] ; i just want to play the game not micromanage. unless [profanity removed] changges i think thats it for me with hut, fix matchmaking and get rid of injuries

Edit: Removed profanity. -CM
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    You're coming into HUT pretty late. I imagine there's not many teams out there in D 10 and the ones that are may have upgraded their players a bit first. There's a small pool of players that are just now starting out so chances are good you'll be matched up against stronger teams.
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