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More History Stats In Franchise

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They need more stats for each team so we can see where our players are climbing up the team history for points, goals, assists, so forth. I believe this was in NHL 14 with the Legacy tracker where you could see where a guy compared to a legend but we need records put in so we can see when records are broken. It shows it in game but when I’m 10 years deep in a franchise I can’t remember who won the Norris or trophies like that.


  • Yea and ever since NHL 14, that stats are never correct after season 1. I would love it as well but since they can't keep correct stats I don't see how this would happen. And don't even get me started on the still messed up play stats they display while playing a game. I have 20+ goals in the season buy the pop up of my player in the game says I only have 4...... And the announcer is telling everyone how the player has never scored a hat trick even though the player had like 5 last year.
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