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Explain this to me...

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Why did you drop these features

-upgrade-able amenities which would effect your team play.
If you're team had a 1 star out 5 fitness centre, you're team would have tough 3rd periods or a team bus vs a team plan..you would play terrible on the road.

Broken glass

Being able to hit players over the boards

Injuries from missed hits along the boards.

Displaying a broken leg or actually getting injured for an entire game like NHL93

Multiple game suspensions NHL95

Knocking off goalies masks NHL97

Post whistles scrums NHL 92-2010

Blood, how does NHL 93 have blood. Raise the rating.

Organ music depending on the stadium NHL94

Booing opposing player who injured a home team player NHL12

Lacrosse goal was in NHL 06. NHL 02 had better moves.
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