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Interview with Will Ho


  • Follisimo
    1029 posts Member
    edited October 1
    Was a pretty great interview and Be A Pro reveal tomorrow should be something many have been asking for.

  • Yeah it was good all tough I got more from Ben's AMA. Sounds like be a pro really gonna fly this year.. He always comes back to that.

    I wish he could have said some plan they have for next gen, but ofc that aint gonna happen.

    Thanks for the interview!
  • EA_Blueberry
    3615 posts EA Community Manager
    Thanks for sharing this, @thegarden94!
  • I really enjoyed this interview but I am very hesitant saying that I am excited for the game. Everything sounds good on paper but if it plays like the Beta, it'll be a short year for me with NHL.

    Thank you for sharing the video though, either way
  • Thanks for sharing this, @thegarden94!

    Thought I'd share when I saw it
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