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Monthly card help? (Suggestion)


I was wondering, I have a lot of monthly cards left over from July, some of June and I think 1 from May. Is there any way I trade them in for something like NHL points/coins or should I just quick sell for +0 pucks/coins? I was wondering because I have a lot and thought it be cool to be able to do something with any left over monthly cards, we have. Also, if all we can do is quick sell them.

Can we possibly EA change that, so we can exchange them under sets for something instead of just getting rid of them for nothing?



  • Update:

    Hi, I will probably ask this in a question later. So, I was wondering EA. Since the monthly set(s) are gone. Is there any chance we can have another set that lets us get rid of these leftovers and new monthly cards, we keep getting?

    Because I notice the monthly card set(s) are gone but I keep getting the Sept monthly card, when I collect my daily login pack.

  • EA_Blueberry
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    We're not aware of any plans for updated content for this. :\
  • Starmen01
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    edited October 2020
    We're not aware of any plans for updated content for this. :\

    Hi EA_Blueberry,
    Thank you for the response and your time. I kind of figure that to be the case but I'm just a little surprise, they are still had out September monthly cards in the daily packs. When they took away the monthly set from the set list.

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