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Would it be possible to add "tight" nets in NHL 21 through a patch?

The nets in NHL series has always been too "loose" meaning the puck hardly never bounce outside when it hits the goal net.

When realistically if the puck hits fast enough or at the right spot it will bounce back outside from the net sometimes.

This in my opinion would add little more satisfying element to the scoring instead of pucks constantly just dropping down like a sack of potatoes when it hits back of the net.


  • “Tight nets” always made me love seeing goals in 2k10. When you really beat the goalie or had a nice one-timer, the puck would fly out of the net. PES also has great net tech. It seems rather silly, but it really does add a lot of immersion to the game!
  • This could easily done through a patch. look at Star Wars Battlefront II, it's been out for 4 years and by the end of their "Vision" they've double the amount of things in the game, From modes to skins and bug fixes. I wish EA NHL would add more things during the year other than bug fixes and add new stuff to the modes and gameplay.
  • I'd also like to see this added. It seems most nets in the actual NHL are pretty tight and with the way they shoot, the puck is often coming back out almost as fast as it went in. This should definitely be added to the NHL series.
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