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Let's talk about NHL Franchise future

Hey dear community and developers,

This is not necessarily a negative post about the franchise. I recently played NHL legacy for Ps3 and really missed the gameplay like the defensive stick and on offense the fast paced game it s not perfect dont get me wrong but for me personally the gameplay is heading in the right direction. The graphics are obviously good too I like them but I have some changes which we come to later.

So now to the negative part... because I played NHL Legacy I found a lot of cool features which we are still missing 6/7 years later because they where alr in NHL 13/14.
I dont do a specifically order I just write what comes to my head.

First Winter Classic... I can alr see everyone "ewww they have to buy all the arena licensing and they dont get them they dont have money bla bla bla bla" I dont even care if they are official arenas. They just could do one random stadium just one I dont even need 32 outside Arenas just one and randomize it so every year there are different teams for heritage/winter classic and stadium series shouldn't be that hard.

For franchise mode I'd like to see some changes for resign stage and free agency. I think we should have meetings or phone calls with players who want to sign/resign and ask them how they feel about the team coaches and what money they are looking for so it gets a bit more personal. And no movement no trade clause which players also have to wave we could have a interview with the player and ask him if wants to wave or not.
(Feel free to add many things down below)

Be a Pro I dont wanna touch because obviously it sucks I just say they should go to a nba 2k direction where your be a pro player is also the eashl player and you get money from games to buy attributes.

For season mode I have 1 change. I know then you dont have to call it season mode but I think they should add the option for multiple years until 25 years. Because I often play with my friend he doesn't have a console so we can only play on my ps4 and we always want to play gm mode but with 2 teams so we can go against each other and season mode allows you alr to select multiple teams now I only need the off season with draft resign and free agency and up to 25 years.

So now some minor changes but that would make the game awesome... EA pls allow us to put custom music in again so we can have official goal songs and other soundtracks. Create a play and customize AI are also things I'd like to see I always made the Capitals powerplay set up for ovis one timer. And if we can have our plays in hut it even allows for good competitive strats when everybody has their own and if you play against someone more often you can tweak your plays to counter his that would make lot s of fun games.

So also I have a problem with the faces ... NHL doesn't even have as many Players as like football(soccer) so I cant really understand why they don't invite every team that plays in Vancouver over for a facescan I think that could be happening players aren't complete 🎃🎃🎃🎃 I think most of them would be down to come.

Roster sharing would also be a great addition

Also AI need s big improvement I could make a 2 hour rant video and I still wouldn't be done talking about that stupid AI. It doesnt understand where to go ... it doesn't understand how to breakout, how to behave on Powerplay they can't cover the slot it is so pathetic and dont get me started with shootouts or breakaways. That's why I think customize AI should come back it would be nice when there Is a feature so you can import your ai to upcoming NHL games . What Is definitely never coming but I really want it ... is a Superstar AI because I think guys like Kane Ovi McDavid Crosby etc shouldn't behave the same like all the others we need things that differentiate All Stars and normal Players... you should see McDavid speeding through defenders and make plays happening... you should see patty kane with nice stick handling and a great pass or snipe...

For creating a team or relocate or expansion I would add that you can choose the color of what fans are wearing in the playoffs like a whiteout or team colors it s a little thing but more customisable things are better.

And lastly for now the atmosphere is a joke especially when it s playoff time I think it should be louder I mean if you miss a shot in the playoffs the whole crowd *roars* if a fight breaks out the crowd goes crazy and if you score it should be louder too.

Oh and I dont like the presentation and commentary I dont know what we can change there maybe sportsnet or fox sports but I dont how how real this is...

So that's it for now pls give me feedback and many more suggestions I personally can't wait for Playstation 5 I hope we really start good and dont have a NHL 15 ps4 disaster again.


  • EA_Blueberry
    3547 posts EA Community Manager
    Thank you for coming to the forums and dropping the feedback. Want to let you know we got some eyes on it!

    I'm sure you've seen the Franchise updates for NHL 21, but posting them here for your reference.


    A lot of the features you requested are no doubt trending suggestions from the community. Roster sharing, GM Connected mode, create-a-team, custom music, and overall presentation improvements. We'll highlight posts like these to the team throughout the year to consider for upcoming patches or future NHL titles.

    Thank you being a fan of the NHL franchise, hope to see you on the ice with us this week!
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