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BAP Goalie pretty much the same as previous years?

First off.. I wanted to say thank you to the forum for saving me $$. Every year when a game comes out, I hope and pray that being the all important Goalie would be fun to play. And every year I read that nothing has changed. Weak shots go in regardless of positioning, the one timer pass is still impossible to cover and its a sure goal, rebounds only go to the opposing team, input lag, cant design your own mask even tho its been asked about for the past 10 years, the Defense AI is still junk, and you can have a 93 rating, a 4th line winger with a 68 rating can beat you with a slap shot top shelf. And I still read about how EA has not done much to improve the human goalie experience.
So I have not purchased a game in a long time even tho I miss it, I dont miss the frustrations of asking.. "how did that go in?" "Why did my goalie do that?" "Why didnt the 3 guys near the net get the rebound but the one guy from the other team managed to get it?"
So again, this year Im hoping this is the year that EA worked on it. Doesnt sound like they have, but I am going to ask the ones who play goalie.. is it worth it?


  • Even worse, they just force passes in slot and cross crease that will get through dmen sticks and skates and the shot off the pass is so quick they dont even go into a shooting animation and goalie wont even react. Prob the most unbalanced the game has ever been.
  • There is a few issue that compounds to an almost impossible for a human to play goalie against the AI. The one-timer are extremely hard to stop, even when you are in position there is a high possibilities the puck will go through anyway and the sniping abilities of the AI is superhuman. It needs some serious tweak for any human to succeed. Every year I tried but I get disappointed.

    Sometimes I wonder if I am just getting too old and I can't keep up or it's the game was tweak for CPU vs CPU and not CPU vs Human when it comes to goalie. Every single year , it becomes harder and harder to keep up. I will try to play with the sliders and see if I can give myself some advantages because right now it's one sided.
  • Unless I missed it you can't even choose goalie for BaP. I only started one career before time ran out but all I saw was forwards.
  • yes you can and be prepared to be lit up like a Christmas tree.
  • I will confess I havent bought an NHL game since NHL 13. 8 years ago and the arguments and complaints are still the same as they were back in 2013. But I have saved $60/year by not buying it and tons of frustrations.
    And back then I used to play with sliders and in the end only a handful of game sliders mattered to me. The attributes slider, the pass speed slider and the slap shot power and accuracy sliders, and the strategy adjustment.
    As far as the attributes slider, I read way back in the 2013 days that a 3 would have everyone at their natural ratings. A 90 will play like a 90 and a 65 at a 65.. But a 10 slider adjustment....a 90 would be at a 127 and a 65 would be at a bag of pucks rating at about a 40.. And back in NHL 11,12,13, the slap shot sliders (power and accuracy) were actually backwards. Meaning the Human slider controlled the CPU and the CPU slider controlled the human side. And had to slow down the saucer pass to give me a shot at those cross the crease passes and finally how aggressive the CPU would be against me if they are winning or losing. What others would complain as "Ice Tilt" I think would just be how aggressive the CPU would be and a simple slider adjustment would fix that. But other than that. I left other sliders alone because the attribute slider affects all players equally.
    But no slider can fix junk D-men AI, how often a rebound would go to the other team, pucks going thru solid objects (if it still does that 8 years later), and in NHL 11 the CPU actually cycled the puck and passed the puck around. I dont think that has been a part of the NHL software coding. Now Its just get the puck into the zone, shoot, score, celebrate. Unless they have added that in the game especially during a power play?
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