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This game is too one-dimensional

I never thought I’d hear myself say this (as I’ve played NHL since the Sega days) but I think I’m done with NHL21

I only play squad battles (because online is too toxic thanks to raggers) and I’m bored of only being able to score using predominantly CC 1-timers

At least with last years game, there were multiple ways to score leading to more dynamic game play on offence and defence

Maybe I’m just too impatient 2 weeks into the game but can anyone else enlighten me on other ways to score that DON’T involve CC 1-timers (or the short side wrister)?


  • Not on squad battles I can't lol.

    Rh shot trying to snipe short side 9 out of 10 times is a blocker or save using the shaft, unless you glide a second or so before but ss ai ain't gonna give you the space or the time for that. You can score far side using rh shot with a higher success rate than short side. Lh shot short side works still. One hand tuck is border line useless which is both good and bad. Went from op to pointless to try. D to d one timers are virtually blocked every time, or go right to the goalie regardless of where you aim, better to simply wrist shot or slap shot from the point. Apparently the Datsyuk goal works better, but again, ss ai won't give you time or space to make a play.

    Game makes me feel pigeon holed into forced cross crease to score against ss ai.

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