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Looking for Late night players for Club (PS4)

Top 20 G top 100 Grinder from 19 looking for people who play from 1030pm Est to 1am est. (During week days, weekends will vary). looking for people who want to be on the roster, any skill level is welcomed, I'm in the east server, like people who have mics, want this to be a laid back fun place to play hockey im on daily as well

My PSN is undertaker9999 message me if you would like to join

I also have a discord I wanna use for the club to gather peeps and to chat so we don't have to disturb people in game


  • Laxman05
    2 posts New member
    I’m an older c/rw and would be interested. What is your age group?
  • Im an older Defensemen (LD). Im in Colorado so the timeline aligns well. Have a mic but not always on as not to disturb the family that time of night. Will message you on PSN. Jessherron
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