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Alumni players need correction

Would it be possible to remove helmets for Norm Ullman and Bobby Baun of Toronto? Neither wore a helmet during their career. Probably doesn’t seem like a big deal but there are a lot of us that really enjoy the players of the past and part of that is that they be accurately depicted. The picture for Baun is not him but Carl Brewer. It would be great if he could be included in the game too. Thanks


  • This should definitely be fixed. I can't believe Ullman still has a helmet (he did in 20 too).

    EA, hire me and I will fix the equipment for every single alumni player for free. Seriously, you have absolutely nothing to lose. I'll do it for free, as I have to do it for free in my own game anyway. If I fix it for you then I won't have to redo it every year when the new game comes out.

    There are so many wrong. Like almost every goalie from the 70's with vintage mask have the wrong type of mask, even though they're correct type of mask are also in the game! Tony Esposito, Bernie Parent, Gilles Villemure to name a few that I can remember, all have the WRONG type of vintage mask. Just, why? How hard can it be to look at pictures and get it right?
  • In one of the ProAm challenges Larry Murphy has Montreal Canadiens clothes.
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