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Backup goalie HUT mode?? Still EA being lazy!

Please tell me why the developers have not fixed this!!!! Whomever these developers are don’t really know the game at all! I’ve been playing NHL ever since
The very first NHL hockey and I’m just so shocked that year after year they don’t fix the most obvious things to make the game better!! I never write on any blogs or any social media but since I am very disappointed in the obvious upgrades in the HUT mode I had to finally say something.
Please please tell me EA, why you can’t substitute your backup goalie???? Sometimes it’s so key and needed into breaking up the momentum and for some reason you completely ignore it year after year!!! I honestly would love to know why certain small details have never been added because year after year I’m hoping for these common sense additions that clearly no one in EA sports is thinking of or cares about!


  • They can't(won't) fix actual problems in this game like ice tilt and glitch goals do you really think they care about substituting the goalie? Lmao
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