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Club Finals Question

What's the point of placement games? Can our club just quit the placement games or do they matter? I'd rather just quit in the first period 5x to get to the actual playoff games.
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  • Yeah it’s the dumbest thing ever. Your 5 placement games give you points and set your ranking against hundreds or thousands of other teams. Only one team in the entire group gets a cup too. Classic EA destroying a game mode.
  • This format is outrageous. Over 2,800 teams in the superstar cup. Either kids at home all day or people without jobs will win the cup by default. There are no stakes to these games. Winning 4 high stakes, elimination games in a row was plenty for a championship. At the very most, 30 team pools with a champion declared out of each is fair. That’s the size of a real professional league, not 2,800 teams with varying levels of availability due to real life. Not to mention the games are in a tiny outdoor drop-in setting with bleachers.

    Thanks, EA.
  • Pretty stupid how EA neglects the thousands and thousands of casual players who enjoy the EASHL grind & high stakes environment of previous playoff experiences. It felt real winning 4 straight, sweaty games for a title, something I've only done with my team once out of the many tries we've made. The heartbreak from waiting a full month only to get eliminated in your first game, in the first round, was real, and made the experience that much better. Now there's literally 0 purpose to play regular season or playoff games as all you'll have is some participation patches & shiny player ranks to gain from hundreds of hours of grinding. Not everybody can be on the e-sports level of competitiveness that the "Club Finals" requires, why do I have to go the rest of my gaming days without ever having the opportunity to see my damn virtual character hold up a freaking virtual trophy. Unbelievably pissed.
  • EA carried out an abortion on casual gaming.
  • Its maybe the dumbest thing Ive ever seen. I dont usually ever do playoffs because its always a hassle to find a game in my experience and I dont wanna sit there for a half hour searching once we get to the finals.

    But this.

    This skidmark of an idea is so bad. How did someone come up with this, and then a room full of people support something so incredibly abysmal?
  • D19Box
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    So my club played the Cup Finals last night and I've got to say I agree with most of what has been said here. It's extremely disappointing. Again, I've played and owned EVERY version of NHL. I played D1 college hockey, we've got a couple Hockey East alumni on our team as well, we coach, we know hockey.

    It's not playoffs at all. It's just and extended mini regular season. And the games still count towards your current regular season record. There's no bracket, no "win and advance", no championship games, no playoff feel at all. How is this playoffs? Weekly playoffs from NHL 14 was 1000x better than this. The whole point of "playoffs" is win and advance, lose and go home. The feeling of climbing the mountain together. Our D1/D2 club was quickly up to 19th last night with a 5-1 record and none of us cared. A team ahead of us was 8-4, lol. So it's just who can play the most games contest?

    We're 30-something year old dads with good jobs and kids. Leaderboards honestly mean nothing. I don't think we've ever checked them. We're not going to "grind" to stay in the top 20 to get our participation trophy. Being top 20 feels the same as being top 2,000. Who cares? We come here for the immersion of a bracketed playoff feel. This format is embarrassing, EA.

    EA could have at least copied the 3's Eliminator format for playoffs and given us twenty days to play as many real win and advance tourneys as possible to at least give people a bracketed tourney/championship feeling.

    EA really, really, really botched these new EASHL "playoffs". Again, not one of us cares where we're at on leaderboard. None of us deleted NHL 20 yet in case these playoffs were pointless so I think we may just be going back to play end of month playoffs on that game to get our fix.

    Sidenote: we also found it ironic that they removed individual player builds/custom attributes because it favored people who would grind but they've now switched their "playoffs" to a regular season feeling mode that favors people who grind. So bizarre.
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  • This is absolutely ridiculous... I’m lost for words once again. Please fix this garbage idea as soon as possible. You could literally go 30-0 in these “playoffs”, beat the top 3 clubs in the world, and still wouldn’t win the cup because team have more games played. And 3 weeks? What is up with this extended season mode.
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