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Will we ever get away from the 5'7 builds?

It is natural for everyone to flock the smallest and fastest build but is anyone else tired of getting into lobbies with the same 5'7 dangle and sniper builds every single game? Speed should not be directly related to height. There are plenty of fast skaters that are 5'10 and taller. How many players in the NHL have actually been 5'7? Gerbe? Can't think of many more...Marty St Louis? Think he was 5'9 or so.


  • You're right, one of the fastest skaters in the league is Chris Kreider who is 6'3, 216 lbs.

    The best solution would be to go back to last gen style attributes and give us full control over customization. Keep the cookie cutter builds for newer players just starting out, but let the rest of us edit how we see fit.

    Also bring back custom stick flex/curve & skate blade adjustments.. the more options we have the better, and the more unique the players will be just like the actual NHL!
  • Yeah I want to be a fast 6’3 215 grinder so I can fly around knocking people down but I can’t 😭
  • I guess it's for 'balance' more than anything?
  • To be honest.. It wouldn’t make a difference anyway.. People will always flock to the cookie cutter builds and whatever is most effective.. If stacking five O-Dmen all weighing 200 lbs and being 6’1” was what it took.. Then that’s what you’d see.. So yeah, I’m in favour of more customizable size builds.
  • Game makers always ruin games by trying to “balance” things. It’s no different than a government becoming socialist to create “balance”. All it does it make it worse for everyone.
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