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There’s no authentic goals

watch a game of hockey, watch how they score. then try to do that in chel. not possible.

wrist shot from the slot? not possible, unless you glitch goal by scoring short side, which again never happens authentically

slap shot goals? no bueno either.

the only way to score in this game was a too deke, (mostly left, right left).. one timers and only shots that are generated by skating into the slot waiting for the AI goalie to stupidly move off his short side and pick his corner. ITS RIDICULOUS how repetitive the gameplay is


  • i'm going to say you're half right, because i've scored plenty of these goals that you define as "authentic," while you are also 100% correct on the more popular ways to score. it's amazing the goalies bite almost 100% of the time on the FH-BH deke.
  • I have no issues with these goals offline
  • When my sliders are actually working, goal variety exists. Unfortunately 50% of my games are played with EA’ interpretation of my sliders rather than my sliders, so game reverts back to one-timer fest.
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