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How do you bid on things now?

I haven't played HUT since maybe NHL 15 and getting into it this year, it feels like so many things about it are made objectively more difficult to navigate for no apparent reason than in previous years. I'll skip that rant though and try to get to the question.

I guess placing a single bid is doable, but for bidding wars the only way I could figure it out is so bulky and dumb it feels like there has to be another way I'm overlooking. To watch a player with a bid on it, I need to be on the "active bid" tab, but then if there's another bid the player disappears from there and I have to go to the tab for failed bids, then after placing a bid there he disappears and I have to switch back to the active tab again.

Is there a way to stay on the one player and continue bidding, or is this constant switching back and forth the way it's actually supposed to work?


  • j0rtsu67
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    edited November 2020
    I've found it a little bit easier when done in Browse Auctions.

    First use filters to search the player you want to bid.
    Then use Compare Price so you have only card(s) for that player showing up, it makes it easier to follow the bidding. (This works only if you're bidding one player though).
    The card you're bidding stays there as long as the bidding ends. Just take care that you don't let the timer go too low before you place your bid, I try to do it minimum 10 second left.
    You can even use the Price filter to set maximum price you're willing to pay... to prevent over paying. I've seen multiple times that people go mad while bidding and pay way more than it was needed, there were same cards with lower Buy Now than they finally got that card they were bidding. :D
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  • I guess I can try that again, I forgot to mention that that was one of the things I tried in trying to figure it out. When I bid on something there, it showed it as ended with my bid being highest, but then when I backed out it went into unsuccessful bids at a different price, so I assumed that didn't work either. Maybe it doesn't happen every time and it's only marginally broken, either way it doesn't seem too reliable.
  • WealthyFriends
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    Remember on Xbox 360 the bidding would update on your screen real-time?

    They couldn't figure out how to do that on Xbox One (or they couldn't bother).

    Its been like this for 5 years.

    Fixing it would be an admission that it is broken, so it won't be fixed.
  • @DeathJohnson @WealthyFriends
    Damn! I totally forgot that refreshing, I tend to keep clicking Y when time is running under 20 seconds to refresh the page... Sorry! :s
  • You have got to be kidding me. The auction house is still not real time bidding?
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