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Review from an off and on player

Hello peoples,
So with nhl21 I have played just hut so far. I am not an elite player by any stretch of the imagination either. So we are what 2 months in I've been at since launch. So here is what I see and have experienced. Obviously rivals abd Champs are hard as sin where you're gonna end up facing elite players. I accept this which is fine, I don't accept the attempts to bully, threaten, or pressure people to quit tho. Like I said I play for fun and enjoyment of the game and my little girl likes watching me play. Not she is 6 still learning to read. So our wonderful player base who enjoy the mentioned above way of talking trash. I personally don't want my kid leaning language or being invited to group chats to have you throw a tantrum. This is a lot worse this year for me but last year I wasn't in 20 for launch. Plus side console companies have zero problems banning people indefinitely for this behavior when a child is involved. Just a heads up for parents playing.

Now game play, since your last update itbhad gotten amazingly smooth and a lot more fun to play. Squads seems to have balanced for me where the lower teams don't make higher teams look easy. Graphics are as always awesome, the ai control seems to be pretty awesome now. At first well I got turnip in fridge that was smarter than my ai players. Now scoring goals and defence is up. I enjoy how you managed this this year, I know you all take heavy flak about it at ea, however from 20 to 21 you did something right. My games in 20 averaged more goals than in 21 this seems to have changed with you most recent update they are almost even now. I enjoy scoring real hockey goals which are a combo of luck and skill. One timers or cross crease yeah they should always be higher chance to get a goal regardless of the whining on here. How is it the company's fault you cannot play defence? Now onto that area actually, I truly love that you made the poke check viable for everyone in 21. Thing is only people who have trouble with poke checks used against them couldn't actually play from the start and took advantage of the penalty system, now they have been shown they cannot in fact play the way they were and don't want to adapt. In the nhl pokechecks are used a lot to put it lightly so yeah makes it soo much better to be able to use it. Now keep in mind I got timing down pretty good from back in nhl20 so I wouldn't draw penalties using it very often so for me this is unchanged. For everyone else it is like gold lol. Playing d means covering those cross creases or inclose one timers. Distance ones I am no where near concerned about. I love that I can defend woth jumping in front of a puck. Great job there. Pucks getting stuck in boads was bothersome but looks like you have adjusted it. Now behind the net should be your focus, for whatever reason your mapping of goalie net is off pretty bad, abd the auto correcting of players in defdnce has a nasty habit of making ya **** when the game adjust your players movements right into the goalie which yeah safe to say it happens a lot.

Now matching? I am unsure how this is done in Champs and I only got to play Champs once so far cuz I have a life and a child. Now in this was a stark contest to rivals, rivals you come across people who dropped there ranking often so they can play easier teams which don't get me wrong is a drag but happens. Here i think you all should have a limit on how far they can drop. Those players are the ones in rivals who send out those messages to players trying to bully, intimidate, and threaten. (Few less of those lately thanks to gaming companies). Champs I got destroyed but I knew I was facing good players so I dealt with it lol. New players hitting Champs probably won't wanna do it gain tho so keep that in mind it is a key part of your online game. You all defibately need adjustments there for newer players if you want it to be viable for everyone and not just your elitist group.

Hut rush
Omg I love this mode. I don't mind grinding for rewards so woohoo me. It is fast simple and fun. This is something that should definately be kept that way. Mind you you can aim for a Champs version of the 3 v 3 in there would be cool. But make it not a grind and just event oriented.

Overall your game is probably one of the best in the NHL series I have played in quite a few years. Keeo it up abd keep pushing for more creative ways to score goals.


  • 100 agree, i would like more ghost like you come here and says they like the game. About the whining its a fact here,people that like the game and come on this forum are just a small groups of people
  • Rush is great definitely enjoying grinding those free packs
  • I have read from alot of daddy's that rush is a really good play mode. People that don't always has the time to grind or even finish off one game can enjoy themselves in rush.

    * nice review Raven!
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