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Play against Overpowered team

Hi guys!
I used to be a decent players in the past fews years (8 or 9 wins out of 10 games) but for now this year, i felt the game as unplayable (In Hut).

I played a lot offline to have a good team and all my players for now are between 83 and 86. But after like 10 or 15 onlines games, i've always been matched against Lemieux, Gretzky, Lafleur, etc. Their 4th line was better than my 1st. But the big difference is the SPEED and their pokecheck. It's incredible. It's like a team of McDavid against a team of Hal Gill.

I just lost a game against a players who was only skating full speed and passing randomly in front of the net. All the game. And he CRUSHED me (8-5). Like every pokecheck he did was a turnover and everyone i did was a pass to the stick of another player. I was in the passing lane and the puck always passed between my skates. He wasn't in the passing lane and their players were streching out for intercepting passes... And i needed to deke the same players like 3 times for entering their zone haha. Crazy. He did absolutely nothing (faceoffs was 27-3 for me lol).

So my question. How do you play against team like that ? All my strategies was 100% defensive/conservative but he was skating around my D like it's not possible. I dont' play a lot so imagine when people are gonna have 99ov players lol... Or when i'm matched against a good player with a good team lol. Think i'm gonna stick to Online opposition only .


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