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Wrist shot power...the bane of my existence...for cereal

Hey folks,

So I have deleted a power forward, a play maker, and a two way forward all for the same reason. I simply can't find the right method to increase wrist shot power on a consistent basis. Slap shot power is stupid easy...which is kind of ridiculous. I keep getting bonuses for Smart shot, screened shot, well aimed shot, and oddly, weak shot. but only rarely do i get a bonus for wrist shot power. HALP!!! what are you guys doing to regularly and consistently increasing wrist shot power?


  • Just do wrist shot training in that weekly training thing if you want it that badly (unless they removed that since NHL 16???)

    But honestly, you should care more about wrist shot accuracy.
  • It’s annoying beyond all belief to have wrist shot accuracy at 95+ and power at 85ish and scoring 65 a season.
  • I figured it out. Disregard
  • @cacti46

    What was the method you found?
  • It’s funny cuz you said cereal, which is something you eat!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D
  • @cacti46

    What was the method you found?

    sorry for the delay. I was throwing the puck on the forehand but not rolling it back into a "shooting position". I never actually did that at all when i was actually playing and you very rarely see that with nhl'ers...so why it's even in game is beyond me. now im working on deflections...
  • The problem is that the developer forced you to do a forehand shot to improve wrist shot power.
    By doing it the way the game tells you to you end up gliding with your stick way out of your body and shooting. That is not the way to do a wrist shot. Not only that but by doing that you are not able to protect the puck very well and your puck control stat suffers.
    All you sould have to do is push the stick forward and shoot.
    The developer definitely made the controls over complicated. You right alps4 analog is for skating and shooting.
    It would be better if it was like an old PlayStation controller setup. Where you right analog controls your skating and all you have to do is either pull back on your stick for a slapshot or push forward on your stick to do a wrist shot. The over complicated it by adding push the stick left or right and forward. By doing so your player moves in that direction. Which is why you end up missing the net so much. It is like the developer did it on purpose.
    I played nhl 11 on the ps3 and personally i prefer the controller setup then the controller setup for NHL 19 on the PS4.
    Like the old saying " if it ain't broke don't fix it".
    EA had a controller setup in NHL 11 that was fine. Then they went and broke it.
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    Thank you for sharing, @1a2980sg60h2

    This post is from 2017 so I will be closing it down to avoid it from being necro'd even further. If you need to, please create a new post and reference this one in it.
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