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Don’t post FM bugs here, post them in the bug forum

FM has endless bugs, we all know that, lots which make the game pointless, as well as the multiple missing features. but we have to report the bugs in the appropriate forum so that they will hopefully quit ignoring these threads and actually do something. Go to the community home page, and click on the technical and bug reporting forum, which will take you to the nhl 21 page with game info, technical issues, and bug reporting. Post the bugs in the bug reporting. Currently most of the BAP and FM bug threads are ignored but if all of us keep posting, hopefully we will get a change instead of all their attention going to HUT and loot boxes


  • We are still consistently ignored and tossed to the side, but just a reminder that if you’re frustrated because of the awful game they released this year, be sure to go and tell them. Report your bugs, even if the thread is made. Make a new one. Let them see how many of us are unhappy
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