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Packs, what are the best value?



  • lol ,Nice.... I now know what it feels like to play the CPU in hut.... frustrating. I played a 80 ov team and got shutout 4-0 His top line was a base topline of the bruins and the rest of his team was mid 70's. save for 3 low 80's on D. he also had a 65 in net. The way the computer plays defense is weird, they suffocate the puck carrier and box out any help from your teammates I think i've played around 6 games with the loan gretzky in the line up and he's scored 2 goals.... against a 98 rated team (which i beat 6-5) weird ice tilts in this game.... but the rush of getting coins and packs out way may anger for this game mode lol
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    What insane pack luck for me this week. First I pull the 94 McDavid a few days ago and now I just pulled 94 OEL in an elite pack, this one I might sell after trying him a few games.

    Hehe sick... Im still waiting for my pack luck. I think im the forgotten one..

    But way to go dogge! 😁👍

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    BTW my team is
    I only plat 2 days a week, is this a good team put together in that span since January?

    RW1: P. Kane 84 C1: Matthews 85 LW1: Nylander (Primetime 83, trying to get the 85 one though)
    RW2: Silfverberg 81 C2: Gretzky 94/Bergeron 85 LW2: Svechnikov 90 (christmas pack)
    RW3: Atkinson 81 C3: Point 85 LW: Courtnall 86 purple
    RW4: MacEachern 78 C4 Gauthier 78 LW: Perrault 80

    LD1: Reilly (Primetime 84) RD1: OEL 83(ITHINK?)
    LD2 Sergechev 81 RD2: Hamilton (totw? 85)
    LD2 Vlasic (81?) RD3: Montour 80

    SG: James Reimer 84 (TOTW?)
    BG: Cory Schneider 78
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  • It’s all pack luck it don’t matter which pack.
    I got 92 master Annunen Goalie in a silver re roll.
    I bleed hockey!!!!!!!!!!
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