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You need cross-play next game it's so boring for eu players just sit in 1 h for a search


  • For once I don't think this is EAs fault.

    Pretty sure it's a console war problem
  • Both Sony and Microsoft allow cross-play nowadays. A number of games have it.
  • Well it's still the game that need to make it compatible for cross play and as Mikey says many games have now playstation and xbox cross play
  • EA has been moving in this direction over the past year or so. Squadrons, NFS, Rocket Arena... so there is hope.

    I do however think that with all the sync/desync issues plaguing this franchise historically, NHL may present a unique challenge - one that may be insurmountable without a complete gutting/rewrite of the netcode.
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  • Well of thats the case crossplay Will come around 2054 then cya in a few years Playstation players
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