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Cut scenes & Dialogue

Hey, EA
First off, thank you for revamping Be a Pro. There are lots of huge improvements. Great job.

That being said, the dialogue and repetiveness of the cut scenes are god awful and come across as super lazy and nonsensical. "Hey X, any interest in museums? Some of us were thinking about checking one out?" Team focus response option, "I love museums! We should go right now and spend as much time there as we can." Who tf wrote the dialogue?! It's ridiculous. Oh look, i didn't check the other option "I am always open to learning something new. Where do i sign up?" Yas need to fix this. It makes BaP unbearable.


  • Not only that but for me, they happen when I played the team at home. Detroit is in town so my guys says something like "Hey, since we are in Detroit, wanna check out...." Ummm what? We are home, not in their city.

    So many bugs. So many.
  • I've been on the Leafs for a month and already John Tavares has gotten super clingy.
  • I would like to see just more engagement to the game so you feel attached and invested to you career and player, especially of the ice. I would like to see more interactions off and on the ice with real verbal commentary. The addition of adding items you could buy was neat but it would be better if you could actually use or see them. I don't really like how you could buy stats through them. Especially since a bunch of it made no sense. (Buying a Ferrari isn't going to make me suddenly have a wicked slapper).
    Definitely need more time in the Juniors, I like the option of a shorter junior career with the memorial cup but we also need the option to do a full season as we had in the past. We NEED events like World Juniors, Olympics, World Cup, World Championship, All Star Game/skills completion, and end of the year Awards show. But I don't want to just automatically make it on these teams or to these events as part of the story line, I want to earn it. If I don't play good enough in junior, I don't get on the world juniors team.
    I often find with career game modes with a story line, that the story line is forced and I don't have much control or say over the path of my career, other than my point totals and outcomes of games etc. I want my career to have interactions and story lines outside of playing the games, but I wat these to be as a result of what I do, not just reaching a certain point in the story line. I want the story line to be unique and different like it would be in real life and not feel forced and have the same outcome as everyone else.
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