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NHL 22 wishlist.


  • I d like to have the following changes:

    1. Changing controlled player: I am still not happy with the changing with regard to to switch to a player to controll him. There should be the option to get the old mode back- automatic switch to the player which is nearest to the puck.
    2. When I am changing the controlled player, they mostly make a step forward and cause penalties
    3. Same thing on the line changes. Players coming from the bench always spurt in direction of the o-zone, even when there is a rush against me
  • Online Franchise.

    Would be so cool.

    And crossplay so that the player base is enough to all diffrent modes.
  • Sega82mega wrote: »
    And crossplay so that the player base is enough to all diffrent modes.
    I seriously feel crossplay for this game should be EA's number one priority at this point.
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  • I would recommend for nhl22 having a search engine to look up players when making a trade through player movement. 3 years ago, at least the players were alphabetically ordered, now it takes us an eternity to find a player through free agents since they are filed from their overall level and not alphabetically. Same thing for created players, I have over 300 players created, if the first name starts with a Z and I want to assign him to a team, I have to scroll down for 2 minutes until I find the player I created......tedious.
  • Being able to play in European teams and be loaned out in be a pro.
  • Whish list:

    Player lock in addition to Position lock for franchise mode
    transaction report for BAP
    Once face of franchise in BAP influence trades and free agent signings
    BAP practices which help increase attributes
    Start in high school w/option for college or straight to pros
    Create/edit player in draft class for franchise

    Thank you.
  • I’d like to see customizable button mapping. To assist with certain things like dump in’s (skater’s) or eagle spreads (goalie’s). Reflexes are a huge factor and the current options, while may reward “skill”, are too cumbersome at times and make for slow transitions. The awareness stat to affect the accuracy of chips off the glass. Stronger flips by goalie’s so they clear the zone or score a goal. Stat tracking for the occasional time goalie’s get an assist. And just a better balance and experience overall..
  • What I want in Franchise mode in NHL 22 is that you can play FM in all leagues, not just in the NHL.
    Next thing is if I play in NHL, that I can see other leagues stats and standings so I can pursuit for top FA from europe, like Chicago did it with Panarin, Kubalik, and now Suter...

    Ability to start in CHL or Europe and if you are successful manage your way up to the NHL

    Give us IIHF license, that would mean IIHF WC and WJC.

    Career summary page, where I can see all trophies I won, all individual hardware my players won.
  • No new features, just fix the current gameplay & visual bugs.
  • What would I like to see in NHL 22? Let me see...

    1) New International Jerseys - Okay, I know EA seem reluctant to pay the IIHF for the licensing rights but surely you guys can please get a little more creative than just slapping flags on the jerseys!

    2) Top Divisions from France, Italy, Norway and Great Britain and it would be nice if the KHL came back to!

    3) Fully Customisable Tournament Mode with Pool Play and with Trophy and/or Medal presentation

    4) Allowing Team Names on Jerseys in place of or in addition to logos plus how about some new generic logos and the ORIGINAL Ducks logo!

    5) More Female Players models

    6) Rotating Referee Pool (Including Female Officials)

    7) Stadium Series Matches and the ability to create outside arenas

    8) Create a 3vs3 Tournament Mode

    It would be nice if the Producers actually came into the forums once in a while to reply to some of these but hey-ho!

    Anyway, here’s 🤞🏻
  • Juhani_91_91
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    Here is my wishlist to NHL 22

    - Atlanta Thrashers alumni team.

    - More alumni players: Paul Kariya, Dominik Hasek , Bobby Orr , Slava Fetisov and Pavel Bure.....

    - Jaromir Jagr and Pavel Datsyuk back in the game !!!

    - Retro equipment for goalkeepers and skaters. For example, all the equipment found in old NHL

    - Possibility to use AHL logos to create a team.

    - Possibility to create your own logo for the team or possibility import images similar style than in
    Pro Evolution Soccer game .

    - Someone new league KHL, USHL, Finland 2 tier.

    - Next logos to historic logos :





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  • kyl_35
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    Yo, don’t forget the Mighty Ducks logo
  • Juhani_91_91
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    edited March 2021
    thank you for the reminder kyl_35 . I also forgot Buffalo Sabres logo with Buffalo's head


    I hope EA Sports returns the game to the next game format " EA Sports World Tournament"

    In here is yet few historic logo, which are nice to the see in future on game



    possibility create own goalie mask designs
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  • Olympic/WC style tournaments, ability to update roaster when in season mode.
  • flyersrule
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    here are my suggestions
    1 (someone else idea) needs to be put in. Early on the face off, throw out the center, if next guy is early a penalty follows

    2 ATW Controls after the whistle controls, specifically, chirping button, face wash /push shove button, fight button. Chirping should escalate to face wash shoving then escalating to a fight

    3 ATW control of any player on ice to skate over to any competitor to start something or to just chirp at. Also ref animations to break em apart b4 a fight ensues

    4 ATW specifically chirping could be anything from keyboard swearing(%@÷$=×€&) or it could be THE SIMS type talking noise in aggravated tones. Not expecting swearing but this is long overdue audio plus keyboard swearing

    5 So as to appease to the whiners that wouldn't want this feature an option in settings to allow ATW controls if both players want it. If one person doesn't have it enabled then its not available for that online game.if both enabled it they get to chirp and start trouble. Whiners appeased.

    6 Same holds true for slightly increasing injury potential for pucks hitting players in the face, goalies needing to be checked out after a hard shot to the mask, a little blood for a double minor, trainers coming out on the ice etc and again all under the ATW options on or off

    Like to know what you guys think. Always wanted this stuff since 94. Like I said if its an optional bonus to play or not then the purists and righteous Brothers can simply opt out without pacifying the rest of us

    2) More customization options in Franchise mode (arena changes, spotlight/effect changes, goal horn changes etc)

  • I want see next things in NHL 22 game:
    - CREATE TEAM (offline)
    - More vintage logos - for example next logos:

    - Possibility using AHL logos in create a team
    - Possibility using NHL reverse retro jerseys in create a team
    - More arena base architectures - for example all NHL arenas and arena architectures from EASHL - for
    example "small community rink"...
    - Possibility write team name to jersey like on NY Rangers. If this coming possible in next NHL game,
    whether the possibility use cyrillic alphabets .

    - skater- and goalie equipment's which have remove to NHL 21.
    - retro equipment for retro equipment's for skaters and goalie - for example :

    - More cities - for example: From Russia (Vladivostok, Sochi and Yekarinburg) , Oslo (Norway) , Riga
    (Latvia) , Seoul (S-Korea) , Shenzhen (China)
    - Possibility write city name self if not found on game. This was possible last time PS3 NHL -games
    - Possibility using letters like Ä,Å,Ö, Ø,Æ, Š and Á ...

    - OTHERS
    - Possibility create own goalie mask design
    - Opportunity to play a match on neutral venue - for example Tampa Bay Lightning vs Vegas Golden
    Knights in MSG . This is possible in Madden and FIFA.
    - Custom Music


    - More alumni player from late 90's or early 2000's (Paul Kariya, Dominik Hasek, Scott Stevens , Rob
    Niedermayer, Sami Kapanen, Arturs Irbe , Miikka Kiprusoff and Tomas Vokoun ) or could you create era
    alumi teams like 80's Edmonton Oilers or 90's Anaheim
    - Jaromir Jagr, Bobby Hul andl Pavel Datsyuk back to game
    - Could you remove current players like Mikael Granlund, Juuse Saros and Nino Niederreiter from alumni
    teams and replace them legends than Mikko Koivu , Tomas Vokoun and Marian Gaborik
  • kyl_35
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    For the love of god, please, everything in this post
  • Sheep_2k19
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    Create a team:
    -Import logos
    -Import songs/goal horns
    -4th jersey and logo option
    -More arenas or custom arenas
    -Ability to make custom center ice layouts
    -Namescript logos like the Rangers use
  • meade3
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    Bring back attributes for eashl.

    Remove the penalty shots and bring back the extra man for 3s.

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