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Would really be a great idea to make maybe two or three times during the season to allow untradeables to be tradeable. Maybe make it a promotional 24 hour deal.

Would cause a lot of excitement and fun for players to try and trade some cars.

Again only 2 or 3 times a year.

Please consider.


  • OR make them “tradeable” only so you can’t sell them for coins, just trade them to someone else.
  • Ya I like both the ideas mentioned above^
    It’s nice that Untradeable players are easier to get sometimes but it gets boring being stuck with the same players all season.
  • SuperKMX_39
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    edited March 2021
    Being able to trade them to other people might be OK.

    But being able to trade them at all would kill the market. People would eventually stop buying cards during periods when the cards are untradeable because they know that prices will be lower when the market is flooded with supply during the periods when the untradeable cards become tradeable. The influx of coins for the untradeables would alleviate things a little bit, but probably not enough.

    There has to be something to do with them that is better than what we have, though. Pulling a high-rated untradeable TOTW or Primetime card that you can't really use but that has the same exchange value in a set as a 75-rated gold from the Lower Pennines Intergender Over 40s League is ridiculous.

    I don't see why I can't exchange an untradeable 94 Baumgartner (if I wanted to) and get a handful of gold collectibles. Maybe one or two less than what he would cost to build.

    Of course, if there was any sort of competitive rating-limited mode such as the one in NBA 2k21 then this wouldn't be as much of an issue. But hey.
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