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Here are a couple of gifs showing the horrendous defensive AI in this game

Watch as the defenceman responsible for the front of the net decides to sprint to the high slot and leave his check wide open in the process. Both of these are with collapsing and protect net on.

People really think EA made the AI this bad on purpose to promote "active defense?" Yeah ok. The 2K games from 15 years ago had far better AI than this. They obviously spent a lot more time on putting the lacrosse goal and idiotic dances in the game than making it resemble actual hockey.




  • Yeah man it’s really really bad. To a point where scoring on the CPU isn’t even fun most of the time because simply going around the net = goal pretty much unless you drastically gimp yourself via sliders which I try to do. They are marginally better on the offensive side of the puck too, need some real work done in these areas to make this game even remotely play like the modern NHL. Way too little movement on offense, almost no traffic or screens which should almost be automatic in today’s game, defense can’t figure out how to play their man, your AI don’t help you retrieve the puck after making a play to dislodge the carrier, there’s just a million things wrong in the zone. It’s not fun.
  • Holy crap. Especially the first one. Where is he even GOING?!
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    The second one, for example... And you can bealive me or not... But as you see that switch from one player to the other with just seconds between the switch .. That usally means things are pretty hectic. The A.I can't do that much if we just switch players all the time and pull them away from there position. And the area that involve a defenders position in our own zone, ain't that big.

    If there's one thing ive learned from my own AI, it's importen to stay with the one player you have choose to control. If you focus to be in good positioning with that, and only that, player. Your AI usally cover you up pretty good.

    And the opposite if you do the other way.. Switch players all the time to just chase the puck carrier with your closest player.

    I like it that way.. Cause I dont like that playstyle, were you just attack the puck carrier constantly no mather what... It nearly makes it impossible to play any form of realistic o-zone hockey.

    Soo im not really defending the A.I, I just wanna share a tips, if you want your AI to be the best he can, stick to one defender at the time, for at least more then 5 seconds. Or else you just going to create a war-zone in your own zone.
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