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97 Team of the Season Ovechkin!

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Hey, HUT players.

In this video, Sleeveless Gaming break down the new sets for the HUT TEAM OF THE SEASON NHL 21 HUT event! Including what he believes, one of the best players you'll have for the rest of the year. What do you think about the stats?


  • Stephlefan6AX
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    edited May 2021
    sleevesless gaming is the best to follow for Ea sports nhl franchise. I like the idea to give a good speed with speed synergy for Ovechkin(tall and heavy weight players) near the end game. I traded my 96 all stars Ovie and i don't have to worrie the rest of the game to improve that card. Its a good thing to have a card upgrading without changing it like TOTY and TOTS cards.
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  • xPDogg65x
    829 posts Member
    I traded in my 94 style icon Ovie as soon as it came up, 2 games, 3G,2a. Hell yes he is worth it.
  • amxblade
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    edited May 2021
    What's the difference between the 2 msp upgrades?
  • xPDogg65x
    829 posts Member
    amxblade wrote: »
    What's the difference between the 2 msp upgrades?

    One for each of the 2 95 style icons and one for the 94
  • MikeyAU630
    295 posts Member
    I upgraded my 94 style icon Ovi tonight. I was a little hesitant to spend 9 golds on it, but having played a few games with him I can already tell it was well worth it. Adding speedster to him does wonders.
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