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Is it just me or has NHL 21 seen much fewer updates in comparison to previous titles?

It really feels like this game has barely been touched outside of roster updates and maybe three gameplay updates ever since the game dropped in November. I don't remember the last time a tuner or gameplay update was released for this game - February, maybe?

I'm really hoping this means that EA Developers have decided to say "screw it" to this year's edition and are already working on NHL 22. I've said it before and I'll say it again - NHL 22 is the make it or break it game for this franchise.

Fun fact: NHL 21 is the second straight edition in the series to have a less than 2.0 star rating on the Xbox Market, coming in at 1.8 stars on 316 reviews.


  • Sega82mega
    4308 posts Member
    I think Its a combination of the two.

    They are pretty satisfied with the gameplay from start this year, (I agree to a certain point), and at the same time they feel some sort of 'screw it' attitude beacuse were moving forward to next gen.

    Even I feel abit of that 'screw it' attitude.

  • amxblade
    211 posts Member
    I don't think we've had one gameplay update since release. They've all been updates to add more ridiculous clothes to CHEL and roster updates, that's it.
  • Sega82mega
    4308 posts Member
    1 'big' one month or so after the realese and one minor...

    If I remember right.
  • We had a gameplay update in January. That was the last one.
  • Follisimo
    1346 posts Member
    edited May 2021
    Gameplay updates aren't as common because they probably feel they are getting the game in the place they want it to be or the change they want to implement isn't ready. I'm sure once on Frostbite engine we will see more gameplay updates due to problems more than likely.

    Look up their bread and butter child. FIFA 21 on their patch notes as you don't really see any gameplay changes either. Just visuals, sounds, little things but no gameplay. Sports games are reaching their limits and there is only so many tweaks you can add unless you completely rework mechanics thus opening up more potential problems.

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