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PS4 Fun/Competitive 6s Club Rebuilding

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Fun and competitive 6's club looking to add players. Activity has taken a bit of a hit in the past couple weeks so we are looking to add at any position. Particularly have a big need at RD, G and RW. Looking for long term player options as we would like to rebuild our player core heading into the summer and NHL 22.

A bit about us:
-we play a cycle/puck possession offensive game with strong positioning defensively
-we only play 6v6
-we play 9/10pm est - 1230am est nightly
-we use party chat to communicate during games and discord to gather
-everyone is 18+
-majority of games played on NA East Montreal and Central Ohio servers

If you are interested we can see if it's a fit for both parties by playing some club. If you have any questions I will answer them here, discord or message me on PSN.

Discord: OGKJ-_-#7485
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