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Idea for Goalies in franchise

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say I have an 83 Overall Older goalie and and 81 Young goalie, I personally want to split the starts evenly, and have back-to-backs played by both goalies, The only way to do this is to set auto rotate goalies to off, I don't mind this, but, this affects AHL goalies as well (even though I had the AHL set to full auto coach) I had a goalie play a full AHL season (His numbers were awesome though 40 W under 2.50 GAA and over 910 sv%. So here are my ideas

1. Have a separate Auto rotate goalies for the AHL and NHL.

2. Have A schedule for the goalies, so I can set a schedule for my starter and Back up to both play in back to backs and for my Back-up goalie to play a relief game after a 4-5 game stretch with my starter. And also to have a game amount setting for each goalie for example: Starter: 55 Games plays the first game of the back to backs. Back Up 17 games: Plays the second game of back to backs and relief games. 3rd String: 10 Games: If back up or starter is rough, if he takes back up job or starting job the goalies can be Demoted/promoted to another schedule

Option 1 is the most realistic, but option 2 would be better in the AHL as it would promote more simming and less time in the line editing screen and it would promote growth in the goaltenders especially if you have Franchise Goaltender 70 ov you want playing/growing, more then the 77 ov older AHL player. This would be great for Players to in the AHL, to make sure everyone's playing in the AHL.
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    I’ve always thought you should be able to set a percentage of starts for each goalie. So you would set it to auto, and then set how many starts you want your starter and back-up to get.

    I also think there should be a starting goalie toggle in the menu so you don’t have to go into edit lines before every game to make sure the right guy is starting.
  • They should also try to make the goalies make some sort of sense. Just my personal opinion, but when an 80 overall goalie gets a .953 save percentage in a playoff series, and the 90 overall goalie gets .903 it gets a little frustrating. I always dread when i come up against an 80 overall... i know they arent letting anything in.
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