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More pucks on the ice in practice mode in NHL 22?!

Hope this year in NHL 22 in practice we will have more than one only puck on the ice when we couples of players on the ice! Like if we are 5 players on the ice it should be 5 pucks on the ice too!


  • belair_col
    110 posts Member
    edited August 2021
    I'm not sure how that would work with the game's camera system. The game is pretty puck-focused so having multiple points of focus would throw the game for a loop.

    Otherwise, it's a neat idea. It'd be a good way to get people to work on their puck-handling in a team setting.
  • That'd be cool...a shoot around. I mean you can change the view from puck to skater, right? So there's no reason why this couldn't work...just have it set to skater as the default
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