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Suggestion: New playoff format for '22

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Posted this over in AHQ but figured it would get more views here:

- 4 wins in a row to advance
- 1 loss allowed (streak reset to 0)
* 2 losses in a round = knockout

Standard Bag
Team Bag
Participation Jersey

- 4 wins in a row to advance
- 1 loss allowed (streak reset to 0)
* 2 losses in a round = knockout

Gold Bag x 2
Team bag x 2

- 4 wins in a row to advance
- loss = knockout

Deluxe Bag x 3
Team Bag x 3
Runner-up equipment

EASHL Cup Finals:
- 4 wins in a row to earn the title
- loss = knockout

Deluxe Bag x 4
Team Bag x 4
Golden equipment (whole set?)


- Open matchmaking all month long - You'll play playoffs when eligible, regular season when eliminated.
- 3v3 and 6v6 are separate


- Every round rewards you a banner - the highest-ranking banner gets added to rafters for next season/month
- Inaugural playoffs will be in the final week, old school 4 win cup final for unique banner, suggested format thereafter
- Resets do NOT stack

Contemplating allowing for a single reset in the semifinals as well. Can't think of anything else off the top of my head, will add to this later if I think of something. What are your thoughts, you think this could work? Teams can play at their own pace and this should reward skill more than just finishing a bunch of games.


  • D19Box
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    If it were up to me EASHL playoffs would be like this:

    - EVERY WEEKEND is playoffs. Brackets. Non-stop, just tourney after tourney. Same format as 3's Eliminator and One's. Games are played in home teams rink you grind to unlock, not the outdoor rink. (You are not required to participate like current Club Finals)

    - BUT... The first 3 weekends of each month the bracketed playoffs don't reward you with any banners (just like 3's Elim and One's). They're just placement tourneys. How much you win or lose over those 3 weekends is tracked and your club generates a "Club Playoff RP".

    - Then, the LAST weekend of the month is the playoffs where you compete for a banner just like the old "4 consecutive win" format. You only get two attempts like before.

    - But now, the playoff you're in is determined by your Club Playoff RP you built up over the previous few weeks. If you're a club that lost a lot on the previous three weekends you've got a lower Club playoff RP. You'd be competing for a lower level banner with other teams that didn't fare well either.

    - And if you won multiple tourneys over the first 3 weekends you've got a better Club Playoff RP and would be competing for a Legendary Cup against other teams that fared very well over those placement tourney weekends as well. There'd be four RP ranges you could fall in, so four different banners like before.

    - Again, it wouldn't be mandatory to participate. You would not be forced to play it.

    It would be the best of all worlds.
    - You'd get a regular fun dose of a real playoff "win or go home" atmosphere that everyone wants
    - The the window to play it is short (weekends) to get it done
    - It's not mandatory. Maybe you just want to do a couple placement tourneys to get your playoff fix
    - You eliminate the outdoor rink so you can enjoy the rink you club is working to unlock and customize
    - And only one weekend is for a banner against similar skilled clubs so it remains a true challenge to get a banner
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  • I would personally like the see the qualifiers mean something more than just RP like a true playoff - not that it couldn't work, but I think funneling teams into weekend play only might hurt some teams and it sort of undermines the division you've been placed in.

    By allowing teams to toggle playoffs, it will affect the player pool and, like years prior, it will be a nightmare matching up late in the month
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