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EA are you planning on fixing this or nah?

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edited November 2021
You can’t even look at your player stats or club stats on the leaderboards without the game crashing literally every time. As soon as you scroll over to about the midway point while on the leaderboards your game just crashes. This is on ps5 while playing the ps4 version of the game, not sure if this is all systems or just ps5.

Are you doing anything about the high octane excitement after scoring a goal and just watching a the players and fans stand there with zero emotion for 10-15 seconds?

Tried doing drop ins with a few buddies the other night and we had to force close the app multiple games before it started during the “syncing” screen because it just freezes.

How about the puck that rifles around the rink at 500 miles per hour whenever someone passes it as the puck is getting poked by a defender. The amount of breakaways that occurs off this bug is ridiculous.

Like how does all of this pass testing and get shipped with a AAA title price? It’s not like a once in a while thing for any of these issues either, it’s so frequent that there’s no way you guys didn’t see this before launch. Clearly you guys know this stuff exists and choose to ignore it


  • They aren't even trying at this point. Just copy paste, change a menu or one animation and somehow pay 1300 people to do nothing at all
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