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  • I think the biggest question is what to do with an 80 overall Jagr..?
  • Well, in online there is always the option to chose "Exact" if you play single and don't want to play against co-op teams. If you leave it at "Relaxed" you could get matched up agains 1 to 4 players. I'd say that this is way better than always matching the number of opponents to your own line up.
  • I heard there were going to be monthly packs, not weekly.
  • I'm guessing that you have to apply the specific celebration to any desired player, and when he scores you should press Triangle to see the custom celebration. At least, players with default custom celebrations work like that.
  • I disagree. There are so many player cards out there, so there are plenty of players to choose from. Maybe not that many for sale of each, but still tons of good players to buy.
  • My favorite is Chara 99. His shot is awesome and he has great reach, and his hits are extraordinary. There is one thing though, and that is that he from time to time miss to pick up easy passes from team mates. This is something that I have not seen the other players do, at least not as frequently. He maybe misses one of…
  • Good question there. My team is 98 overall and I only bought the standard edition of the game, and not purchased any puck or points or whatever.
  • I got 95 Coyne yesterday, who is now a 97, and maybe soon a 99 :smiley: Apart from that, I can't recall getting anything of use...
  • I'm also curious to find out if there will be new SC sets. I'm guessing that there will be something new for round 3, starting Friday (?).
  • Same here, and I’ve heard plenty with the same issue over the past few hours.
  • @Dredmama, maybe the lower tier players have quit playing NHL 19, and only the better ones are left. PS4? Are you in North America? I'm in Europe. Perhaps we could find the time some day to play together. That could help.
  • It is a bug. Check other threads about it, like ”Cant buy now from auction house” etc.
  • @TreborMalkin, I mentioned that I had the negative escrow issue (i.e. cannot buy now from auction house) and he fixed it within the minute. Make sure that you contact EA via chat and not by reporting an issue any other way 😝
  • Thanks for your reply, Roger. Yes, I managed to talk to an agent via chat, and he resolved the issue quickly. It is just sad that no one could have explained this in detail, i.e. that chat was the only option. I’m sure some of you EA guys have seen my posts.
  • Not that hard to answer my post, one would think. But no, no reply from any EA people... And when I check my reported case I can see that it has been closed. Closed without any notification or any comment. This is what makes me a dissatisfied customer. I can take that the game is not flawless, but I hate that you treat me…
  • I upgraded my team to 99 overall, and oh boy, player stats do matter :)
  • What is weird here is that it says "All players start at 91 overall", but there are also these SC cards with 80 overall..?! Will those 80 cards not update then? Or will they be adjusted to 91 as a start..?
  • I noticed that I did not get an issue number, and the auto reply goes like this (see below). Does this mean I reported it the wrong way somehow? Hello, Thank you for reporting a NHL 19 bug to EA Help. We review the reports and work with the game development team to identify and fix the bugs that occur most often for…
  • My player froze when I was to skate off taking a penalty shot the other day. I could move my stick, but the player did not move an inch. It ended up me taking a shot from the middle of the ice, which the keeper of course saved. I went in to replay mode to see if it was the controller that did not work, but I could see the…
  • MacInnis has NP CS BM: https://hutdb.net/19/view/29544/ Gartner has S DZ BU: https://hutdb.net/19/view/29562/ Both were really nice additions to my team. Hope they are to yours as well! Congratulations on reaching these goals!
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