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  • Boarding should be back in 3s because if I’m out there breaking ankles and some guy makes a massive goon, he shouldn’t be rewarded for laying me out on the numbers 10 times a game and injuring/slowing my player down.
  • This is a HUGE problem and one that probably should have caused this game to be delayed for a few weeks if it wasn’t fixed for launch. This game is worse than when NHL 15 came to new gen and you guys basically released the worst NHL game in EA’s history just so you could say you had a game on PS4/Xbox1. That game didn’t…
  • I bought this on early release and I haven’t even played it on most days cuz of this garbage. It’s sunday morning, kids aren’t at school... i should be able to get some good full lobby drop ins on both 3s and 6s right now... right? Let’s see
  • I tried it in free skate just now, it looks like it can still be done but now you have to aim your left stick back as you go and if it’s not done right he either stops all together or goes in to a quarter spin. It’s just something small that was always pulled off before without ever having to put so much thought in to the…
  • I’m not entirely sure you understand what OP is talking about here to be honest... Watch this at the 28 - 30 second mark to see exactly what we are talking about (the entire drill is based off of the move we are speaking about if you want to keep watching) You can’t do it with L2 anymore, it just spins.…
  • The point of the game is to sim NHL players, this is a drill used in every practice from bantam on up. It’s not some super skill, it’s a transition move from forward to backwards. There’s no reason to take our tools away
  • The rule has always been that no rookie can be placed on their NHL club until they’ve played 1NHL game (pre season doesn’t count). The Dahlins, the Tkachuks, the Zadinas etc will be with their clubs on the first roster update if they play game 1.
  • I thought it was just me not pressing down hard enough. It’s one of my go to moves on a 1 on 1 and it always works to create the space needed after you shake the guy off. It’s not a hard stop as in a hockey stop, it’s changing direction from forward to backwards while staying square to the play. I noticed now you just do…
  • I know... I have played club EASHL since the day it was introduced. When I’m not playing club, the ONLY mode I play is drop in. There is 0.0% semblance to NHL now for me. Fact. Drop In is located when you enter EASHL’s menu, therefore it’s a part of EASHL. Last time I checked, HL stood for Hockey League. I’ve NEVER seen a…
  • The only time on PS4 I ever had an issue with someone being a jerk and not filling a position was with a certain person who everybody here knows his screen name. I’ve messaged EA about it countless times with evidence of it and never once did any of them even acknowledge me let alone do anything about it. All they had to…
  • I just got a tripping penalty in 6s for poking at a 50/50 loose puck where both of us where racing to it. It’s an absolute joke
  • 0.0% NHL for those who ONLY play EASHL. Fact.
  • Apparently you guys don’t know there’s such thing as color blind people
  • There are people who only play VS, there are people who only play HUT, there are people who only play Franchise, and then there are people like me who only play EASHL both Club and Drop In. They’ve taken away our stadiums, commentary and uniforms in drop ins so now I will never get to play an NHL game. Absolutely nothing…
  • If you want any sniff of a chance of playing then you can’t position lock. You have to choose Skater and hope for the best where it puts you
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