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  • Not shooting the right shots, or do you mean not Glitch Goal scoring ? TOA is Overrated, lmfao ya right seeing if this was real hockey, not only would Momentum be on your side, but 98.9% of the time you should be getting the W.
  • Old technology imo is better than what is currently offered to us now. Why did they try to fix something that wasn’t broken to begin with (lobbies and private rooms) is mind boggling to say the least. Seeing that one of the main wants is to bring back the lobbies.
  • Etc 1 Glitch goals from the hash mark Etc 2 Faceoff Glitch Etc 3 Chara bouncing off of Johnny Hockey when he has him lined up for a Kill hit Etc 4 Puck ragging in the offence zone where the player has his stick pulled back , you go for the hit or stick check and nothing happens to dislodging the puck. In real hockey that…
  • Guys with amazing records manipulate the gameplay, Glitch Goals, Desync Lag Switches, etc. Etc. etc. Like I said again and will keep saying, your Pro EA Comments and Defense to this Broken and Flawed Game mean nothing to me. There is a reason my brother Inlaw left EA years ago...... Besides moving to the other side of the…
  • Lol lmfao , here we go with the Spin Doctors. There is obvious game manipulation happening, and seeing your Pro EA on every comment you post, your response and Defense means nothing to me. The Game is Flawed and Broken, keep trying to put lipstick on that pig and we still see the broken pig.
  • But but but wait........ EA has said there is no truth to this. Still waiting for a EA Dev rep to respond to this insightful article. Wonder how they’re going to spin this one?
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, Kids of all Ages, we are excited and proud to Present NHL 19......... Click n Paste 15’ 16’ 17’ 18’ Drumrolll.............Lightshow........Fogmachine....... Perfect 10 Model Dancers..... There you have it “The New and Improved NHL 19” Bonus Feature Icetilt, and Glitch Goals Still in the game.
  • What would be the point for a 100 overall Hut Card. The base gold card will still be the same as the 100 Card . Just another Cash Grab Idea
  • Wow........ Absolutely disgusted after reading this. Feeling Victimized Anybody? So in other words buying premium hut cards was pointless to begin with. Waiting for the “Get Good “ Comments to start rolling out.
  • Socom 2-3 was the best multiplayer team strategy games ever in my opinion. Reasons Why: 1.)If you didn’t Strategize you didn’t Survive. 2.)The only game I know where a lobby could actually be policed by the players, in other words you act like a troll and screw around, We voted yo Azz out, enjoy that 24 ban from the Room.…
  • Oh oh, somebody needs they’re afternoon timeout nap. Your getting bent out of shape for someone calling you out. You can dish it but yet can’t receive it. Let me know if you want a glass of warm milk before your nap time.
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