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  • That McCarty guy too :) as I look to my left and see the front cover of the Detroit Free Press framed on my wall, depicting that sick goal that beat the Flyers in game 4.
  • Why not use what they did give you to try to best explain your thoughts and opinions? Instead you wrote that? Then you come here and complain that nobody from EA listens or that this game stinks blah blah blah? Seems rather counter productive if you ask me, weird.
  • Team - TW & TT Players - OJ, WW, PP, S, and DR
  • Pretty sure those are used to complete the 96 Roy set...I could be wrong, but it should be like the WCoH set with 96 Bure
  • While 2K has its great points it also has its low points, venture over to a 2K forum and just read some of the threads...looks similar to what we read daily here actually.
  • Still looking for a dedicated goalie for our club. We've been a club/together for years now, IRL as well. We plan on having 5 of us on tonight around 830-930pm EST, depending on our west coast buddy. We would love to get some tryout games in and have some fun! If interested, and tonight works for you send me a MSG on XBL…
  • One FO collectible and 2 golds, why not? Would rather inform others, so they don't come here and post countless threads complaining haha
  • This pack contains 15 items, including 2 rare Players and a chance at a Faceoff Collectible. So....that kinda stinks...
  • Nobody has once mentioned - You are bad, you need to "git gud", or you're a whiner. It seems to me that those are things you chose to describe yourself. Also how would you know that you compete at a "much higher" level than me? Nobody writes off your complaints, its the way you choose to convey them, which is terrible.…
  • as someone who competes in hut at a high level I find this statement hilarious. I too dont experience the issues Kory is describing, so now what? Also DIV 9 or DIV 1 doesn't really depict what kind of skill level you have at this stage of the game...It could simply mean skilled players got a late start and could still be…
  • Centers - Statsny Koivu Helm Wingers - Nyquist Turris Saad Hags cogliono Larkin You could make a pretty cheap/solid team, and get 6 defenders to get tape to tape unlocked for cheap too.
  • Yes, its probably the biggest one I've had so far, it was weird it was a low SP of 30k with no BIN and it was listed during prime time 7-9pm EST last week...I literally took the bid from 45k to 78k with 45 seconds left and nobody else placed a bid, I've been checking daily and hes around 145-170k now...so I am super happy!
  • I have PP, WW, OJ, S, TT, TW, and soon I'll get DR Worth noting that when I bought 92 cujo for 78k it was the best buy I've made so far...at least for TW and play he's like 14-1 lol
  • I can throw a written guide or set of rules I follow together sometime tonight.
  • No worries happy to help! Were all learning the new in's and outs together!
  • Synergies will not show up under the "show" synergies tab while editing your team unless you have at least ONE player with said synergy, so assuming you dont have any players with team wheel currently on your team it would not show up as an option. To view all possible synergies go to the tab on the main HUT menu on the…
  • fact? truth? We can write it off, it is neither fact nor truth by your standards, nobody posted it from EA on the forums, twitter, or facebook. You said that it was someone and I quote "like Bbunny", he came on stated that he said BEN would be away for awhile. Enough is enough, closing this thread. good god man.
  • Id look at what I posted again...and everything you're complaining about has been addressed...forums...assumed vacations...I mean c'mon man everything isn't a conspiracy theory. The forums weren't removed...they imploded, as in nobody shut them down, removed them, decided to take them down to prevent people seeing…
  • Believe the bold text speaks for itself. Guess we can put that mindset to rest.
  • I believe that is correct.

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