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  • Smh if these guys don’t have thick enough skin to deal with the odd comment - and I’m telling you it’s the ODD comment - then I don’t see what the point is of even coming on to the forums. Like really... it’s kind of par for the course that things don’t always go as smoothly as you’d like. It’s comical that people are…
  • Ok I’m tired of this. It’s beyond belief how our to lunch you are. 90% of the posters were all but on their hands and knees thanking the dev merely for just posting on this forum. This is going back I believe to NHL 16. Go back and read the responses.
  • I disagree. The game was being bought and played “in droves” on last gen. Mainly because NHL 09 to 11 were great games. If you had a problem with those games then you’re likely in the minority. No one wants a “sim” hockey game that’s 13 minutes long. It just wouldn’t work. And no one wants to play 60 minute games. So in my…
  • No that’s not it either, for me anyway. I was an adult when NHL 09, 10 and 11 came out and I spent more hours playing those games than I’d like to admit.
  • *Not just on last gen but in the 90s too. Those games were so fun they were impossible to put down.
  • If what you’re saying is actually true then they wouldn’t have had such an amazing game on last gen.
  • I disagree that the lobby/matchmaking system is the number one issue with this game. To me it’s the actual game itself, and as you touched on especially the skating, bubbles and the servers. That being said, we don’t need randomness just because in the NHL an inordinate amount of goals are scored by fluky deflections off…
  • Here’s another thing. Check your flipping shot totals from now on. I’ll give you an example of how stupid this series has become because of “sim”. My friends and I were playing 3s yesterday and, we only lasted about 4 games before it became just tiresome. We were all laughing about how ugly the shot totals are now…
  • You can thank the cry babies that wailed for “realism” because they couldn’t hold their own on pre-TPS NHL.
  • I knew this was going to come up. There is a reason that every major video game system is released with controllers, not keyboards. I don’t be have statistics to back this up but I would bet a large chunk of cash that MOST PEOPLE don’t like to use keyboards to play video games. There’s a big reason why almost every video…
  • Smh dude, you have no idea what you’re asking for. What’s more, judging by your posts on here you aren’t even remotely close to smart enough to understand the ramifications of your idiotic vision for this game, even though it’s been right here in front of you for the last 6 years.
  • evilh Gotcha. I guess they should make a button for players batting the puck down with their glove too. How about a separate button for players wiping the fog off their visors, because that happens in real life too! However I’m thinking maybe we should wait until evolution grants us a third arm and hand, so that they can…
  • Are there really people in here supporting the idea that they should make a button just for picking up the puck? Smh it just gets worse and worse everyday...
  • Well clearly you were one of those people who contributed to the **** show we have now. Right on. I remember arguing with people back on the NHL 10 and 11 forums who were pining for “realism”, that this isn’t what they want and they’ll regret it down the line. Well, here we are!
  • I agree. 4 minutes is ridiculous, that’s why the entire online game is played at such a rushed pace. It used to be 5 I dunno why the reduced it. I guess you can say well it’s only 1 minute less per period but what if they went to 3 minute periods? Offline yeah, sure you can have 20 minute periods because if something comes…
  • If I’m not mistaken - and I’ve read most of your posts on here - you’re advocating for this game to be “full sim”. The average score line in a real pro hockey game is 3-2. If your 24 minute game plays like real pro hockey, take a wild guess what the average score line would be...
  • There are way too many jobbers that don’t understand the fact that there aren’t even a fraction of enough buttons on a controller to play a “full sim” sports game. Not even remotely. Brain use is awesome.
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