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  • Get that Roy, he is cheap enough now, I picked him up a ways back and he is doing great.
  • Sort of all fell in place, And I have a feeling the toty's synergies won't fit, So more than likely this will be my finishing team, And I wouldn't mind finding someone to replace Forsberg, But I'm caught up in my synergy rush, Synergies were a great idea by ea, Plus I have a 93 Lindros, 93 modano 92 hull and a few other…
  • I agree kolzig was my # 1 for like 500 games until I picked up that 96 roy, Stole lots of games for me and he's not that expensive any more.
    in Roy96 Reply by 9Tialn6 March 2017
  • Lafontaine is a must have, I would do it, Actually I did
  • Still working on the lines, I want to get linden on the first or second line Great team to play with, I just wish I was as good at playing Sullivan Richards Hawerchuck Andrechuck LaFontaine BrindAmour Brunette Linden Bucyk 89 Forsberg 93 Roy Muller Wilson Kaberle Klesla lidstrom Nystrom Redden 96 roy Kolzig Can't remember…
  • lol Already screwed that one up when I got roy
    in Roy96 Reply by 9Tialn6 March 2017
  • Couldn't have said it better myself, Had one of those yesterday, Where I should have got my **** kicked, And I won in overtime
  • oooouuu 93 Tavares sounds interesting, Tnx, definitely going to look into that when I get home, Hope he goes for about the same price as my 93 modano, What kind of card is he a totw?
    in Roy96 Reply by 9Tialn6 March 2017
  • Got him, And I agree
    in Roy96 Reply by 9Tialn6 March 2017
  • Sorry guys I don't need a 2 tt I need a 2 t, I think the 93 doughty dose, Anyone know of any other high end players?
    in Roy96 Reply by 9Tialn6 March 2017
  • Wrong synergies though, Kind of funny how that works, Any other past years, I would have loved to have him, With the synergy change over this year, I play with players that I wouldn't have even thought to before, And enjoy it
    in Roy96 Reply by 9Tialn6 March 2017
  • tnx, Hope I can get him, I have to ditch some players to gather some pucks, 750k is a little high for me right now.
    in Roy96 Reply by 9Tialn6 March 2017
  • Got bucyk already And not really interested in asg juniors But a 94 kane sounds interesting, Doubt i'll have enough pucks for him though, but if I do some rearranging I might be able to ditch my 93 modano and a couple of other players on my bench and keep all my synergies, What kind of card is he? how much dose he go for?…
    in Roy96 Reply by 9Tialn6 March 2017
  • Do it man, The funny thing is I just ditched my mov macdavid, and had a few pucks just sitting there so I picked up roy yesterday and he fits my team just perfect, same synergies as kolzig plus a 1 sb (I think), Now I have to figure out how to ditch Vernon and put kolzig as my backup pretty sure I have to find someone with…
    in Roy96 Reply by 9Tialn6 March 2017
  • Lmao, Are you talking to all of us, When you say you people Or just trolling
  • I feel you bro, and know what your saying, Only in competitive seasons, Lately regular seasons have been blasting fast, But even in our last match up that you didn't even realize it was me until later, My connection was great, Yours must have flickered from fair to good, because you didn't play (I don't blame you because I…
  • That's what I said to the last competitive season, but i played, It was almost a fun experience, played 22 games, What got my goat was getting ddosed or whatever you want to call it three times in a row by those **** cheaters, And I know it's going to happen again in this next season
  • You are a great person!!!!!......I am a addict........to the hokey pokey......but I turned myself around......nhl 17......lol.....I don't have a choice....I have to play
  • Happened to me three times in a row in the fourth part of the season 1-3 out of four games, considering I wasn't doing to bad in the first three parts. Wasn't happy at all
  • It doesn't even matter anymore, I'm getting ddosed so much I can't even play a game, Last three disconnects with myself getting the loss, Even the point until the disconnect I couldn't touch the puck, After everyone of these games I had to reboot my xbox and the narrator will turn itself on, I, not to worried about ai…

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